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  1. Hello and welcome, I don't know if you've already seen/used this mod from the nexus, but it's the one I've used forever because I have a hard time using the default run/walk animations in the game: Realistic Animation Project - Movement: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77343 I've been modding since 2015 and I haven't found many of the kinds of movement replacers that I've liked, but then again maybe someone else uses something that I've missed. From a quick search I found these two other mods: Run Sprint and Jump: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34960 (WIP) ndh's Animation Overhaul: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/55568/ If you wanted some different animations to test out to see which one fits what you're looking for. Hope you find something you like and good luck modding!
  2. No problem! I love what you've been doing for the community so I thought it only fair I help out if I could - thanks again for all your hard work.
  3. I just want to start by saying thank you for your hard work at fixing these issues - as someone who pretty much always plays a mage who wears clothing, this was sorely needed for a long time and I appreciate it greatly. I'm sure you're hard at work at this already, but I found one strange occurrence with one of the boots in your latest upload of the mod. In the Meshes\Clothes\yarlclothes\m file path, both of the boots_0.nif and boots_1.nif files seem to be saved backwards. And this is the in game result: I've re-downloaded the latest file again just to be sure, and from what I can find no other nifs seem to have a similar problem. Just thought I could let you know what I've found; hopefully it's an easy fix.
  4. I use EFF as well for my follower management - my current playthrough my Dragonborn is a Healer, so I made a fairly large group of potential followers for him to take on his journeys (as he can't exactly 'fight' on his own). While the 'realism' of followers auto-idling (that is, walking around and interacting with the environment and objects) is occasionally immersive, personally I always turn this option off in the EFF MCM menu - 'Auto Idle' - and that prevents pretty much 99% of the bumping into my character. (The only time it still happens is when my character is sprinting in a straight line and suddenly stops - occasionally a follower will run right into my character, but usually not.) If you still miss followers acting on their own, you can still get them to do it! Using the EFF's Powers you can find in your power menu, you can use Leader's Telepathy to command your followers to 'Relax' at any given location (like an inn) and they will wander around interacting with bar-stools and chairs and NPC marked spots (like when NPCs lean up against a wall). Be aware though that the 'Relax' command functions nearly identically to the 'Wait' command, just instead of standing completely still (with 'Auto Idle' turned off, that is) they will wander around the general area you commanded them to 'Relax' in. So when you want them to start following you again, you have to either talk to them each in turn, or use Leader's Telepathy to command them to follow you. I understand your frustration with followers running into your character - it's especially annoying during conversations with NPCs, while your followers seem to be completely uninterested in whatever it is your character is doing and decide they really need to push you out of the way to get to that grindstone... even though they are a mage who has never even touched an Iron Sword before! Turning off the 'Auto-Idle' (a feature found in other follower mods as well, like AFT) has made having followers, even groups of followers, much more bearable and even enjoyable.
    I got my first PC in 2015, and began modding Skyrim after having the game for the Xbox 360 since November 11, 2011. Needless to say, modding made me love Skyrim all over again, and in ways I could never have imagined playing without mods for hundreds of hours on the console. Still, at that time, I was new to the modding world, and had limited understanding of what mods existed, let alone how I was to achieve the right 'look' for Skyrim's abysmally designed male characters. I understand about how the game was cross-platform and therefore needed to have reasonable graphical elements for the time - textures most notably. But I still remember the first time I encountered images of Shape Atlas for Men. I was intrigued, because, at long last there was a body shape for men that I could get behind. Not to mention when I discovered all the features of SAM - the body morph system and everything else - I was blown away by the sophistication and loving intent that was clearly put into every aspect of the mod's design. It took me a while to get it working properly - especially before this wonderful site was put together - but I haven't enjoyed a play-through of Skyrim without it since. And I have tried, though what possessed me in those moments I'll never understand completely. Shape Atlas for Men has literally redefined how I enjoy and play Skyrim now, so thank you to @Vector for his talent and loving vision, as well as thanks to all the people who continue to support it, giving us all one of the best mods I have ever seen.
  5. I already have that installed as well, and it still crashes. I wondered about it though; it seems like some issue when Racemenu applies all the changes to the character morph, so naturally I would have thought the Precache Killer would have helped. But it still is determined to crash no matter what I attempt. Short of doing an entire reinstall of my Skyrim - I just got it to where I want it to be - I can't think of much else that can be done. I know it's not a cache issue for me, because I've been loading up my 10 character presets with all their myriad of variations and morphs and they load completely fine. I've never had a single crash except when I try to load Kirax's Tarak Preset - except that one time, which seems to have been a fluke. I wonder if it's a memory-related issue? A limitation that Racemenu puts on itself? Would anyone know more about that?
  6. I wish I had better news for you, but after repeated attempts with various tweaks to my game, I can't replicate how I managed to get it to load after that one time, which is even more infuriating than not being able to at all. I had hopes I could at least take some screenshots for you to manually replicate it in a new preset - once you got your Skyrim installation working again. I can certainly sympathize, I've been working tirelessly on my character presets for days now, lovingly going back and forth on design ideas and so forth. If I were to lose one of them completely in this way, I would be gutted as well.
  7. Upon a further google search, I read somewhere that uninstalling the mod Crash Fixes can help avoid the CTD. I tested this myself, and I did manage to get the preset to load. However, upon further testing with Crash Fixes still uninstalled, the game CTD'd on the second attempt to load the preset. It's a nice preset, by the way. I was excited at first, but I'll try to see if there's something else at work if I can.
  8. I don't know how much help this is, but I've been working on about 10 character presets on my smooth running game. I have about 400 mods installed, with 253 esps generally active, so I know this isn't an installation issue for me. I'm tweaking, changing, and even testing out presets I get from other places. Sometimes I don't even have all the prerequisites, but then the game just defaults and gives me something to replace whatever I was missing. So when I put your preset in my game to test, I only didn't have the Improved Eyes esp in my load order, and it crashed when I attempted to load it. So I installed the Improved Eyes esp, but it still crashed when I attempted to load the preset. My uneducated guess is that there is something wrong with the preset file itself, though exactly what is wrong, I cannot say.
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