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    SAM HDT Collision

    Hey Darklbis, I just installed your mod about an hour ago, and I'm not sure if I have both of the equips you mentioned. The only esm I have is the Havok Breast Physic (and the Havok Breast Physic Dawnguard/Dragonborn esps), which when opened in TES5Edit, do have the equipable Havok Breast Physics item. However, in your description, you mention the 'Havok Bottom Physics' item - I've looked for it using TES5Edit, in the actual files and in-game using the console as well as the Add Item Menu mod. I've re-downloaded your mod just to be sure it wasn't a download problem, as well as moved it up and down in my load order in case it's being overwritten. I tested it on a game I already have going, as well as a new game and both seem to be lacking the item you refer to. I've tested animations to see if it is working as you describe, but I don't see a noticeable difference - I worry the equipable item I am lacking is the cause. Any help would be great! It sounds like a great mod that I'm excited to see in action.