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  1. Get yourself this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/272 Skips all the starting stuff
  2. Which revealing Tsun Armor mod are you using? Sounds like you've accidentally stumbled across a non SAM version?
  3. I am pretty green. Im willing to pay for good quality male mods but finding them is not easy!
  4. The Nexus has lots, for Oldrim.. Iv'e been on SSE since it launched
  5. Hey all! I see so many awesome characters posted in these forums but it always makes me sad because I don't have the talent to make faces so well sculpted! There are plenty of link in the screenshot post but at 91 pages and counting, finding them is next to impossible! Was hoping a few of you could share some of your best (or even worst) racemenu presets so I can enjoy SAM to the fullest! I personally prefer younger adults, smooth, hairless faces. Thankyou in advance! If your preset has requirements, please post with the file.
  6. Where do you get all these armor mods?! Do you have a blog or site where players can find your presets and refits? This stuff is great!
  7. Where can I find the Racemenu Bodygen you speak of? Ive not seen that before
  8. @Don Share the armor mod from the last picture?
  9. Those followers are HEAVILY modded. Even if you managed to get them into SAM bodies, they wont look anything like the images. Your best bet is to get the YgNord race working with SAM for the FF style characters. Best of luck!
  10. Sadly the mod author has not given permission for anyone to publish their mod anywhere else besides the Nexus. Its unlikely anyone from this site will try. Also with my limited refitting knowledge, I can see this would be a very tedious undertaking, due to all the seperate parts needing refits. On top of that, this mod creates a second layer of legs for the greaves which will create numerous issues for any body mods.
  11. So youre saying I need to change the slot of the underwear to body rather than whatever they are now? Anyone know how to do this?
  12. The scripts hide the junk when Im wearing SAM refitted vanilla armor, its ONLY being difficult when I try any underwear/thongs/slips.
  13. Doesnt Males of Skyrim use SoS? SAM and SoS aren't meant to be used at the same time
  14. Please see attached screenshot. As you can see on almost all of the underwear mods I try, they never hide the junk. I am using SAM Light SE I have been using SSE NIF Optimizer to make Oldrim mods work. This particular mod is the Chaurus Mashup Refit mod by Hoamaii. In the past Ive tried with various others which all seem to do the same thing. Please tell me what Im doing wrong. Thanks!
  15. Please could make him into a player preset for SE? I dont know how
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