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  1. Napodan

    Download — SAM High Poly Conversion

    Sorry, I didn't know this thread. So, for every download, there are 2 threads ? Each time I had question, I pushed the "Get Support" button. Now, I need to look at the "comment" tab too. Edit: I tried your fix and it works fine. Thanks.
  2. Napodan

    Download — SAM High Poly Conversion

    Hi, I was using this mod for a while and I found one possible bug with the "hide armor" (Meshes\armor\hide\m\cuirasslight_X.nif): the body of the armor is thinner than the caracter body.
  3. Napodan

    Download — SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Hi, Thanks for your work. I love the feet. If I understand it correctly, it seems there is a mistake in your upload: in malehands_0.nif (and _1.nif), you include malehands_1_sk.dds, but in your upload, it's malehands_sk.dds (wihtout "_1"). Regards.
  4. I will take a look at this tuto. Thanks very much. I will have no time until next week (daughter holidays). So have a nice ending year.
  5. I love that fingers. I will wait until your release.
  6. You're right, I'm using SAM Morphs for racemenu too. I have installed all the refit armor/clothes I found. Wihtout them, all armor with visible body have some glitch. That's why my shoes may look weird (those I refitted with high poly) and every time I try to replace the SAM body by the high poly one, that doesn't fit. My mistake: I have read those link but think they were more difficult to understand than the tuto I found (who is obsolete if I understand you correctly). I manage with this tuto to make an no-underwear version of fur armor but I gave up: my pc always start with an erection which you can see threw the armor. But it was fun trying to reffit this armor. Can I use the malefeet.tri from high poly and use it whith outfitstudio ? I will try your links with my two shoes. I learn a lot of with your post, more than I have for days. Thanks very much for your answers. I'm not an English native too. It's difficult for me too.
  7. Napodan

    SAM SE - Vanilla Armor Refit

    Hi, I found some glitch with the imperial armor/boots: when the NPC walk, we can see some times (depends on their volume), the right leg above the skirt. For the boots, the lace seem to disappear from time to time.
  8. What do you mean by that ? As a background, I'm a newbie in mod stuff: there are a lot of word I don't really understand. I'm trying to refit some armor by myself (I found one tuto for sam full). My refit of the stormcloak armor works even if it doesn't look as good as yours. Now, I'm trying to remove underwear to the fur armor. The result is weird. I tried to use "Sam action man for the conversion" but I guess it isn't compatible with high poly. I try to understand when I must use Nifskope or when I must used outfit studio. About outfit studio, I don't know if I must use the samson/samuel slider to brush the armor. In SAM light we only use _0/_1.nif. And what about the other sliders. How must I use them? I only start modding last week, and there are a lot left to learn.
  9. I just test it now (and the one in the last update of your mod) They both work fine. I look to several whiterun guard with no problem. I have an other question: I use "Sam high poly conversion" with V2 meshes. I patched your "blindmothpriestsandals" and "prisonershoes" to use toenails. Have you plan to update your mods for "Sam high poly conversion" with V2 meshes? Maybe, I can upload my patch somewhere (if someone needs it).
  10. Hi, Does someone know if there is a mod with stormcloak refit for sam light. I use the poly conversion meshes and my whiterun guard have weird arm. If the refit mod doesn't exist, can someone tell me how to do it myself. I already try to replace the MaleBody by the SAMbody with nifskope (and it works for the arms) but now the armor is too small for the body: the upperarm and the "calf" are wrong. I don't know how to modify them and with which tool.
  11. The sole looks very good. But the toenails are steel dirty. I tried to use Malebody_000_msn.dds but it doesn't look like this. I will try the other. Edit: with poly conversion toenails V1 mesh, they look better. I guess, I have nearly what I'm looking for. The last thing I will try, is to change toenails textures. I see some png with the poly conversion mod. I don't know how to use them. But I will search. Edit 2: I manage to use the toenails. I need to inject everything in EBD and that will be fine. Thanks for your help. And thanks KouLeifoh for the poly conversion mod. It was more easy to use than I expected.
  12. I forgot to say: yes I'm using Sam Light on sse.
  13. Thanks for your answer. I will try it. Edit: So I tried it. The feet are still dirty. If I understand that correctly, to have clean feet, I need to modify the msn file too. Or 3mw doesn't change this file. I tried to modify those files myself but the result is worst.
  14. Napodan

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    I manage to use EBD and it does the job. Thanks for your answer.
  15. Napodan

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    I manage to have random foreskin in my saves: uninstall racemenu and xpmse. Load and save your game. Install racemenu, xpmse and sam morphs for racemenu. Open the last save, that must work.