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    Wow thank you so much for sharing this mod Don! I really appreciate it. Now i can finally use your sexy Dragonplate Thong without the schlong coming out from it hahaha. Love this so much!
  1. Wow the underwear from your recent screenshots is sooo sexy and looks sooo good hahaha 😆
    Whoaaa this face skin is sooo good Don! Yours and KouLeifoh skins are now my favourites. This face skin makes every male characters looks more manly and handsome. Thank you so much for releasing more mods for Skyrim SE Don. Can't wait for your next mods and i hope it's one of your sexy and skimpy armors hahaha.
  2. Skimpy armors showcase. It's so fun to mix and match them.
  3. Starting to learn how to make a good body proportions with the slider. My followers have gone through a heavy diet and they are looks so much better now.
  4. Thank you for the answer. i'll try to convert it myself
  5. Hi Sengaku! Do we still need to convert the esp for SE? (V.1.1.0) and is it compatible with SAM high poly?
    Thank you so much for fixing the SE version. This looks so good now!
  6. InoOnew88

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Woaaa! Thank you very much for the updates KouLeifoh! This looks sooo much better than the first one! The face and the body looks more detailed now and with the new complexion maps, older males looks much more younger and handsome. Thanks again for keep creating amazing content for SAM Light. I'll always support you!
    Thank you so much for updating the underwear version for high poly SE. Love it!
  7. InoOnew88

    Shrouded Armor for SAM

    Wow this looks so good! Thank you so much for refitting more skimpy armor and clothes for SAM High Poly SE. I really appreciate it. I hope you will continue to do more armor and clothes refit for SE in the future. Keep up the good work!
  8. InoOnew88

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Thank you so much to KouLeifoh for releasing this amazing skin. Very detailed, high quality, smooth, and of course performance friendly. 100% more handsome male characters and NPCs guarantee. Can't wait for you to release custom smooth normal maps for other races as well. Keep up the good work and have a nice day.
  9. This looks so good. Much more better than the original vanilla skin. I definitely will use the custom normal face maps one (can't wait to bring Solaf as my follower with your skin. He looks so cute with his big nose in your previous preview image ).
  10. Whoaaa not at all. For me they still retains their original face but look fresher, younger, and more handsome now (younger looks for older males is a good thing LOL). Believe me, i'm really excited for this skin. Thanks KouLeifoh.