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  1. bharotmac

    Fallout 4

  2. bharotmac

    red rocket.jpg

    From the album: Fallout 4

  3. Hello there. I love all of your work. I have a question about the base mesh for AM. Is there a way to add a slider for the glutes?

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    2. Ulfberto


      Oh cool, in this case if you need more details let me know and i'd be glad to help you out. Or you can join our server and ask for help there as well

    3. bharotmac


      Hey dude, guess what? In my effort to edit the sliders, I realised that they, already, go well beyond what I had been using in game. Since the body mesh clips with the PipBoy, I always had the sliders set way low, to prevent it. Being overly concerned with that, during character creation, I never turned my dude around to see his backside. I just assumed, in errour, that the glutes did not change much beyond "Vanilla" as they say.

      Had I read the bloody instructions thoroughly enough, I would have seen that you did specifically and clearly mention the PipBoy issue and link to a "fix". I am still glad it happened though, because I would have, likely, not ever used the BodySlide tools had you not mentioned doing so.

      So, basically, I just wanted to let you know that, in addition to your mod being awesome, as is, it is also quite perfect for me.

      Thank you so much, again, and for all the help : )


    4. bharotmac





      Hey Hey, I am being a nuisance again : )

      Would I be able to adapt either or both of these to your AM body, using BodySlide? I thought to ask before I go in and start tinkering

  4. bharotmac

    nuka cola boy.png

    From the album: Fallout 4

    I made this as a test to put into my game for signage and whatnot
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