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  1. We're using Cloudflare's DNS, cache, and CDN now. If you have any issues with the website, please be sure to let me know.


  2. Sorry for the continued downtime, guys. It should be alright now.

    We're still adopting Cloudflare's CDN, though, so we aren't there yet. ;) 

  3. There was an issue with uploading images after the migration. It's fixed now — don't let it interrupt the flow of extremely sexy pics!
  4. Updated the SAM-Core archive with Readme.txt created by @Dredd and included the hands fix by @KouLeifoh. Thank you! @ArtemkaWoof Try @KouLeifoh's SAM Light:
  5. @DarkIbis I am a Mac user and have no issues using Discord Web client (macOS 10.13.3, both using latest Safari or Chrome). No need to install the app. @Melesse Thank you for your vigilance. Be sure that every report is carefully analyzed and a proper action is taken.
  6. sh1ny

    SAM Installation Guide

    @azriel2012 You're absolutely right. There's no Readme document accompanying SAM right now and I'm sorry for that. I agree that installation guides are by no means a substitute for a conventional Readme. @Dredd I'll be very grateful for that. Should you decide to do such a compilation, I'll promptly make a Readme.txt file out of that and include it in the SAM Core archive.
  7. It is up to owners of their respective works to (re)upload them or give necessary permissions so that it could be done by others. We don't endorse uploading stuff that is not authorized by an author, and will remove any content that is reported as illegal, infringing, or otherwise inappropriate after a prompt check. Please don't start numerous threads with the same content.
  8. @smidgen Thank you a lot for this tasty piece of heavenly knowledge! You made a very good point about the importance of angle of view in the photography and the use of FOV command. Love it! Thank you @Dredd for sharing your set of handy console commands for screenshot taking! Had no idea about pushactoraway x until today. I encourage every Skyrim player to share your favourite tricks when it comes to catching the best moments of your Skyrim adventures! P.S.: nice choice of the title!
  9. @smidgen Your screenshot taking technique is exquisite. Something tells me that tidbits like those are appreciated by our fellow Skyrim players of all sorts. Putting those in one place, perhaps in a separate thread, is the natural continuation of this knowledge exchange. If you're interested, a thread (call it "The Guide to Better Screenshots" if you'd like) could be started where such things as animations/mods and other tools used are discussed. Because, you know, sharing is caring! Thank you!
  10. sh1ny

    SAM high poly feet mesh

    @KouLeifoh Those look amazing, thank you very much. SAM body is great, but feet were something that bothered me quite a bit all this time. The only thing that's slightly off IMO is nail definition. They feel more like an extension of skin right now instead of being a separate entity. I realize it is tiresome to edit all the texture sets, given the number of normals SAM utilizes, but I really look forward to seeing your mod in the Downloads. Judging by the responses in the thread apparently I'm not the only one. Cheers, sh1ny
  11. No, thank you! As a The Sims 4 player myself (well, occasionally), can't wait to see some animations ready for the rigged underwear.
  12. Set up the new subforum and downloads category. Discord perks (role and newsfeed) are pending.
  13. @craftyplumbob I'd say I'm definitely interested. If you're going to upload your awesome mod here, I'll create a dedicated The Sims 4 Downloads section for it and future TS4 mods.
  14. sh1ny

    SAM for SE

    @infiniteone Hello and thank you for your modding effort. As long as SAM-based works (derivatives of any of its assets, technically speaking) don’t get uploaded anywhere other than VectorPlexus.com website, it’s perfectly okay. You can also use “Downloads” section of the website if you feel your mod is mature enough.
  15. sh1ny

    What Is "Scale"?

    @xanders It's Localization/XSoldier.int. Note, however, that this file is encoded with UTF-16 Little Endian, which means that most basic text editors will recognize it as binary. Use something like Notepad++ (Windows) or stock TextEdit (macOS) to open the file.