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  1. I don't like at all where this thread is going. KennyYeti's account has been suspended for a while due to evident trolling behaviour and clearly snarky remarks. If you have a point to prove, whatever that point is, be constructive. TOS apply. Closed.
  2. Hello @Rezavax, 2S361/2 is an error code indicating that an invalid redirect URL was passed in a OAuth request to VectorPlexus, and the sporadic white screen issue is likely an Invision Community bug/browser combo (Wabbajack in its current implementation has to use its own embedded version of web browser to be able to intercept certain calls). Wabbajack community recommends to download affected mods manually, to my best knowledge.
  3. A corrupted database table, which has been restored.
  4. Hello, thank you for the feedback. It should be okay now.
  5. sh1ny

    Sit Still

    Phenomenal job! So sensual yet tender, without being extra lewd. Love this one!
  6. @RedHeadedHippy, there's a Google Drive mirror link at the top of the download list: Download this file
  7. Hello @solochris, Microsoft email domains are currently unavailable to register with due to Microsoft blocking our emails from being delivered to users' mailboxes. Using such an email address resulted in users not being able to receive email messages, including transactional ones used for address verification and password recovery. Thus, it has been decided to temporarily disallow signing up with Microsoft domains until the issue is resolved. You are free to contact Microsoft about being unable to receive messages from VectorPlexus.com. Have a nice day.
  8. sh1ny

    Madoc Wants You

    Between you and me, I appear whenever you post anything–at least when this very website informs me–but Madoc is just the right kind of poison that I pick every time. Anyway, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for every inch of hotness.
  9. sh1ny

    Madoc Wants You

    Hey, you're exploiting my admiration of Madoc… one way or another.
  10. The fact you can post here means you're definitely not banned from the community. Unfortunately, I can't provide support for 3rd party tools like Wabbajack. You can always download files directly from the website and put them to the destination folder of your mod list.
  11. I would need the name of the affected account to help troubleshoot your case.
  12. sh1ny

    Gortan Character Sheet

    Well, it's a nice touch and definitely a welcome one! What I personally would have made differently is softer fake shadows and a couple of curves tweaks to match the white background:
  13. sh1ny

    Gortan Character Sheet

    Oooh, that's fresh! I like this kind of infographic!
  14. sh1ny

    Drenched in light 2

    Amazing image composition and color palette!
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