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  1. @TheButteKing Please see the second paragraph of this post by KouLeifoh:
  2. @kunolandalin Please refer to the original mod page for its permissions as you may need to ask the creator first to get a verbal approval to use their assets.
  3. No problem, I’ve made the necessary edits for you. I’m still at loss why you aren’t able to keep the changes, though, so please feel free to message me if you wish to help me find the fix for your scenario.
  4. sh1ny


    Ooh, that elf is asking for trouble. Also, magic! Shiny! Floating balls! What’s not to love?
  5. Try the uppermost "Google Drive mirror" option: Download this file
  6. @Thermalpulse, use the "Google Drive mirror" link which is conveniently placed on top of the file list: Download this file
  7. You can now request account removal using Delete My Account link in your Account Settings.
  8. @Hirlok the HermitThank you for the extended feedback, it is very much appreciated. As for the High Poly Head by KouLeifoh, in your case I suggest you to use the uppermost Google Drive link (opens after hitting the "Download this file" button"): Download this file Regarding the persisting issue with bulk file downloads, it proved itself to be rather tricky to fix without exposing a direct URL publicly or spending a fortune on a CDN service. I'll continue to investigate our options, but in the meantime, please be sure to download the mod using the GDrive link.
  9. I’ve downgraded the protocol to HTTP/1.1 as a workaround for reported size mismatch for streamed files. Please try and see if that fixes the “network error” issue. I’m rather hesitant to make such a downgrade, but seeing all those reports made me questioning the benefits of HTTP/2 for vectorplexus.com. That being said, a huge part of vectorplexus.com, primarily media, is still served as HTTP/2, so we’re yet to see the long-term implications.
  10. Hello, That’s right. You’ll get a follow-up message shortly.
  11. sh1ny

    Page 20

    Ooh, shiny!
  12. @Soulmancer You're already a member of our Discord server.
  13. Hello, Start with asking us at https://vectorplexus.com/contact/ See the post below.
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