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  1. Since quoting doesn't work anymore, here's Part 2 of the thread: Keep 'em coming!
  2. This is part 2 of NSFW Screenshot Showoff Thread. Previous thread: Part 1: https://vectorplexus.com/topic/105-nsfw-screenshot-showoff-thread/
  3. Clowns entertain, but swear way less when performing. That was entertaining, topic closed, thank you.
  4. I'd endorse again if I could. Featured the upload instead.
  5. Try this link: SAM Light Texture Add-on v1.1 As always, change file extension to .zip
  6. Try these links: SAM High Poly Conversion 1.5 SE SAM High Poly Conversion 1.5 LE Don't forget to change file(s) resolution to .zip.
  7. In this edge case, you should load XPMSSE assets after HDT BBB Bounce, or not using KoiLeifoh’s custom skeleton altogether.
  8. I recall having this issue when using KouLeifoh's custom skeleton. Having XPMSSE lower in the left-hand pane in MO2 helps. This basically overrides HDT BBB Bounce skeleton with XPMSSE.
  9. Actually, works wonderfully for me out of the box. Some armors may require patching, though. Try applying JOP patch from this SSEEdit script to your custom refits.
  10. Thanks for the reply! I see. I'll try and clear the VampireMorph myself in the meantime, then. I've noticed further incompatibilities with Better Vampire's Mortal's Mask when applying high poly face part to an existing vampire character, so I guess I'd better off trying it in a new playthrough, or at least after curing the PC. I've been running latest Skyrim SE with the same RaceMenu version in 5K with no ENB and in FullHD with ENB on, made no difference so far: FPS still drops to the point it's impossible to edit high poly head part in sculpt mode. I guess you're right and it's Radeon-specific issue, but it would be great if anyone else could confirm that.
  11. This is a big deal. Thank you a bunch, KouLeifoh! Two questions, though: There are mods like less/no sunken cheeks, cosmetic vampire overhaul etc. that make vampire faces less sunken. Any idea on how to achieve the same result with this high poly mesh to preserve character's original look while being a vampire? I experience severe FPS drops (down to 1 FPS) while in sculpt tab with high poly head part editing active. As soon as I turn editing that particular head part off, or edit another head part, FPS count restores to normal. Do you experience something like this? I'm on SE, Core i9 9900K with Radeon Pro Vega 48 8GB GPU. Thank you again for this. This is the next big thing after high poly body mesh, which absolutely rocks.
  12. Aside from the bunch of awesomeness Don's displayed, keep in mind SE's got ESLs/ESPFEs, which greatly increases the number of plugins you can have installed prior to having to merge good old ESPs. It's mainly patches and a huge array of "light" plugins, but it's a big deal in a heavily-modded setup. SE also supports amazing BC7 texture compression, so huge uncompressed normals for LE is a thing of past. Coupled with SE's general stability, SE is incomparably better in terms of potential mod capacity. This is big: mods are coming. Like it or not, SE still gets updates, though, so that could be a real PITA. Among other cons is the lack of HDT-PE support, so no flowing Harkon's cape or an HDT Equipment port for SE (a real bummer - for now, that is). On the bright side, HDT-SMP by HydrogensaysHDT has just gone open source, so who knows how many cool things are on their way? ENB does wonders for LE and SE alike, so that's up to you, really. Personally, I find SE visuals more appealing, especially post-ENB.
  13. I keep seeing messages like "Vector kept SAM script sources to himself", but in reality script source has always been available. It's in scripts/source folder waiting for you to explore.
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