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  1. I keep seeing messages like "Vector kept SAM script sources to himself", but in reality script source has always been available. It's in scripts/source folder waiting for you to explore.
  2. This idea, indeed, has been circulating in my mind for some time, and has been asked by quite a few members. So far, it narrows down to two options: deploying each category for the title (Skyrim LE & Skyrim SE) or utilizing tags. Each method has its pros and cons, but I'm more inclined to adopt the second one. That would mean tagging a release correctly becoming a mandatory rule for the Downloads website section. I'm still evaluating the options, though.
  3. sh1ny

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    @SailgaiT31 @Alexstrin Can you please try the alternate link again? Download
  4. sh1ny

    Why is my country 'banned'?

    We don't currently have any country-specific bans. Please, contact me via PM with the details about your issue and be sure to include a screenshot of the problem.
  5. @Isaachipkiss The files are still available and have never broken any rules. What attachment are you trying to download and what error message do you get when attempting to download it?
  6. sh1ny

    Help Required

    SAM Hands fix by KouLeifoh can be found at: It is also included in SAM Core archive:
  7. Looks like Cloudflare tells your browser a wrong MIME type of the file (for example, text/plain instead of application/x-7z-compressed), or sets a Content-Disposition: inline header instead of Content-Disposition: attachment for the response. Either way, try to right-click the download button and select "Save target as" option or something like that in the meantime. That's illegal to do so, according to VectorPlexus' EULA ("Restrictions", item a). The only place SAM can be exclusively hosted at is this website, vectorplexus.com.
  8. Alternative links to HD/SD texture archives are listed in the description: SAM Textures HD SAM Textures SD Just click either button.
  9. sh1ny

    Is Vector still alive ?

    Closed. Off topic.
  10. There was an issue with upload quotas. Please try again, @Darnexx
  11. Due to some technical issues, there was a little downtime and a minor database rollback. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

    1. Ulfberth


      oh lol. I thought i was crazy about the rollback... anyway, thanks for maintaining the forum.

    2. sh1ny


      Yeah, your recent reply has been inadvertently deleted because of that. I'm sorry for that.

  12. It is possible, but one has to use widely supported codecs like H.264 using mp4 container. The other option would be embedding videos via 3rd party tools, which has its own pros and cons.
  13. sh1ny

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    Updated the archive once again as per this post by @good0593. Kudos to @Melesse for updating the FOMOD config. Unfortunately, file size exceeds 512Mb this time, which means the direct download link is no longer cached by Cloudflare. Feedback on worldwide downloadability would be appreciated.
  14. sh1ny

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    I wasn't expecting that for a second, but I was able to compress the entire bundle into a 465Mb file. That means I might not have to host it on Google Drive. Please, try this link instead and tell me how it goes: https://static.vectorplexus.com/d/SAM-3MW-Texture-Pack.7z
  15. sh1ny

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    @KenshiNok678, @IOwnALego111, Issues like that are the result of using a CDN, are region-specific and aren't resolvable on our end. Each subsequent download attempt actually increases your chances of a successful download. I'm readying an alternative Google Drive link, though.