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    Help Required

    SAM Hands fix by KouLeifoh can be found at: It is also included in SAM Core archive:
  2. sh1ny

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Looks like Cloudflare tells your browser a wrong MIME type of the file (for example, text/plain instead of application/x-7z-compressed), or sets a Content-Disposition: inline header instead of Content-Disposition: attachment for the response. Either way, try to right-click the download button and select "Save target as" option or something like that in the meantime. That's illegal to do so, according to VectorPlexus' EULA ("Restrictions", item a). The only place SAM can be exclusively hosted at is this website, vectorplexus.com.
  3. sh1ny

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Alternative links to HD/SD texture archives are listed in the description: SAM Textures HD SAM Textures SD Just click either button.
  4. sh1ny

    Is Vector still alive ?

    Closed. Off topic.
  5. There was an issue with upload quotas. Please try again, @Darnexx
  6. Due to some technical issues, there was a little downtime and a minor database rollback. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

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      oh lol. I thought i was crazy about the rollback... anyway, thanks for maintaining the forum.

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      Yeah, your recent reply has been inadvertently deleted because of that. I'm sorry for that.

  7. It is possible, but one has to use widely supported codecs like H.264 using mp4 container. The other option would be embedding videos via 3rd party tools, which has its own pros and cons.
  8. sh1ny

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    Updated the archive once again as per this post by @good0593. Kudos to @Melesse for updating the FOMOD config. Unfortunately, file size exceeds 512Mb this time, which means the direct download link is no longer cached by Cloudflare. Feedback on worldwide downloadability would be appreciated.
  9. sh1ny

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    I wasn't expecting that for a second, but I was able to compress the entire bundle into a 465Mb file. That means I might not have to host it on Google Drive. Please, try this link instead and tell me how it goes: https://static.vectorplexus.com/d/SAM-3MW-Texture-Pack.7z
  10. sh1ny

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    @KenshiNok678, @IOwnALego111, Issues like that are the result of using a CDN, are region-specific and aren't resolvable on our end. Each subsequent download attempt actually increases your chances of a successful download. I'm readying an alternative Google Drive link, though.
  11. sh1ny

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    It’s a FOMOD installer. You’ll be given the choice what texture set to use when you activate/install this mod. The textures are shown in game immediately on next launch.
  12. This is the reason I had to move this thread out of Skyrim Downloads subforum. Mod authors are free to dictate rules for their original content, but we only spotlight items that are immediately accessible. @Kirax, you may want to check your other formerly Patreon-hosted downloads that are unavailable at the moment:
  13. This subforum is intended for listing locally-accessible downloads only. Questions of all sorts don’t belong here, neither do links to the downloads on 3rd party resources, nor any content behind a paywall.
  14. @Errol Can you please tell me on which page it says it's missing? At any rate, the fix is included into SAM Core for quite a while.
  15. sh1ny

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Hey @Oblivionator, The direct download link for SAM Textures HD archive is: https://static.vectorplexus.com/d/SAM-Textures-HD.7z As for the SD Textures set, please use the following link: https://static.vectorplexus.com/d/SAM-Textures-SD.7z
  16. Basically, Don is on point. We have to employ this kind of positive discrimination in order to stay a sort of haven for those who are fed up with omnipresent boobs and other parts of female anatomy in the global modding scene. Now, as smidgen has concisely put it, let's get back to the gay smut. ?
  17. @frkncnky, I would like to remind you about the message at the very top of this thread, particularly: @neutraldude, you're walking on thin ice. We have zero tolerance towards any form of sexualization of adolescent or prepubescent characters, even if they're totally virtual. Looking at those "random animations", it's not hard to see what's going on. In a nutshell, no slightest hints of CP, ever.
  18. A surprisingly touching twist, @smidgen! Thank you for the chapter.
  19. sh1ny

    Looking for thongs?

    @Melesse Thank you for letting me know. I've updated the link in your post.
  20. sh1ny

    Download — Leo the Ice Mage

    @lelowaty, Don has removed the file.
  21. To each their own. Thank you for your hard work, Den! ?
  22. Hello @MachokeMachokeMan, Indeed, there was a misconfiguration issue with Twitter login handler that is fixed as of now. However, this profile lacks the required Twitter account association. @Machoker, on the other hand, is linked to one. Since @MachokeMachokeMan profile was created hours ago, I'm merging that with your main profile. You'll be able to login with your Twitter account after that. Cheers, sh1ny
  23. @Lady_Kazu, @pahnrak (kudos to @LuckyHarris)
  24. We're using Cloudflare's DNS, cache, and CDN now. If you have any issues with the website, please be sure to let me know.


  25. Sorry for the continued downtime, guys. It should be alright now.

    We're still adopting Cloudflare's CDN, though, so we aren't there yet. ;)