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  1. AzureOne

    Barbaric Male Loincloth for SAM

    Following up on my earlier comment, there's also a clipping issue in that the schlong clips through the cloth at the very lower edge.
  2. AzureOne

    Barbaric Male Loincloth for SAM

    If I may, I'd like to alter the length of the cloth to accommodate my, erm..., well-endowed toons. Blender doesn't seem to support nif and tri files any more, so what would be the best way to go about it?
  3. AzureOne

    Geralt Wolf armor for SAM

    I can't access the files in NifSkope for some odd reason. EDIT: I know why now, they're in BSA format.
  4. I had been waiting to install SE because I figured SAM would need a complete revamp for it, outside getting SKSE64, Does this mean I could just switch over to SE and not have any trouble with SAM?
  5. AzureOne

    T71's S.A.M. Extra Hairy Furball

    How will I know which version I should get? And is this compatible with SAM? Because these shots have got to be a different body mod.
  6. AzureOne

    SAM - Revealing Tsun Armor

    Can you show me how that's done? The screencap below is what I'm currently seeing...
  7. AzureOne

    SOS/SAM for SSE?

    That link says I don't have viewing permission, with Error Code 2F173/H .
  8. AzureOne

    Armor mods that work with SAM?

    I found the issue. I needed to run NifSkope as administrator to get the changes recognized. Damnable UAC.
  9. AzureOne

    Gladiator Armor Concept

    Disclaimer: Screenshot included solely for reference, and I do NOT claim any ownership of the image. So, I was wondering if this is possible. To create a SAM-compatible armor mod that supports the many styles of the Roman Gladiators (think of the Spartacus series). A few thoughts I had on how to go about this: - the harnesses can be different styles (i.e. bulldog, X, etc.), or incorporate all of them and make each style of harness and respective material individually craftable. - arm, leg, and head equipment pieces can be left as they are, if so desired - the loincloth could be traditional brief-like or along the lines of the Forsworn Loincloth Refit and Barbarian Loincloths (who doesn't like freeballin). As a personal touch, methinks in the case of loincloths that they be just enough to cover the genitals, showing the v-taper and the legs. - themed material usage w/ appropriate material requirements (leather, glass, ebony, dragonscale, etc.) - crafting perk requirements (seems odd to make a dragonplate gladiator set with a low level in Smithing) Sadly, I have neither the coding skill nor the artistic talent to really put this into realization (I wish I did), but I can conceptualize. What do you guys think? Would it be doable?
  10. AzureOne

    Armor mods that work with SAM?

    Having a mildly annoying issue with the Modular Armors. I went into NifSkope to edit the Dwarven armor and take a few bits off, namely the chest plate and skirting, and the changes are saved via NifSkope so it remembers the edits. But nothing changes in-game. The armor is still unchanged from original install. I've tried reinstalling, merging with SAM core mod, and manually deleting the vanilla refits and the SAM originals. Nothing changes. This is on an existing save game, if that helps. Using MO...
  11. AzureOne

    Armor mods that work with SAM?

    I'm having a problem with the Vanilla Refits. I can't edit any portions beyond the modular Dwarven and Wolf Armors. Trying to select a portion of the other armors (Dragonplate, for example) selects the whole thing. Did I install anything incorrectly?