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  1. Argnog

    SAM Light help

    When I install SAM full, I load into game and it says "niooverride.dll is missing or out if date." That DLL is already installed in race menu but you have to have the oldrim race menu, which doesnt work with se. So the SAM cant recognize the SE racemenu dll and therefore textures are broken. Also, how do I make the bodies with SAM have hair? That's the one thing I don't like about SAM is the bodies look like plastic
  2. Argnog

    SAM Light help

    Is it worth it to just go back to SOS right now?
  3. So i recently saw that SAM is incompatible with SSE right now due to the nioverride.dll being out of date. I tried installing the SAM light version but it doesn't change anything. If i install the oldrim SAM everything shows up but my textures are messed up (nioverride again). So how come my SAM Light isnt working?