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  1. That's how I did it too, worked perfectly.
  2. Ah ok, I'm stuck with SMP due to playing SE version. The hunt will continue! Thanks
  3. Hi KouLeifoh, Did you ever end up getting the scrotum collision working? I've been trying myself to do just that (and rejig the xml to make the penis floppier (which works somewhat OK)) for the last few days, but I haven't had any luck with the collision..
  4. I see, well that makes sense! And thanks for all your work, I appreciate the effort you put in!
  5. Thank you for your reply. I gave that Seamless Males mod a try however unfortunately, it hasn't made any difference. I also tried placing the .nif file in manually with the other SAM light files and tried using it on a default Skyrim install with no other mods, but to no avail. If you tried using it were you able to get it working properly with SAM light? Thanks again.
  6. Hi folks, Using the default SAM Light in SSE and I'm getting a slight texture seam around the necks. I am using MO2, and no other face texture mods. Visible when both naked and clothed. Is this normal (as it is quite minor), or have I installed something wrong? Happens on my character and all NPCs.
  7. To those who follow, I was able to get a version of this to work in Skyrim SE. I downloaded Nifskope and using that, I copied the hair mesh from the original '3D pubic hair for CBBE and SOS' mod and pasted it onto the 'SAM Light 1.2' body mesh. In Nifskope I had to change the partition of the hair under BSDismemberSkinInstance from whatever it was originally, to 'SBP_32_Body' in order to get it to show in game. After that it works fine in Skyrim SE.
  8. Hmm. I've tried reinstalling both a few times. Very new to this. Is it maybe just a normal Skyrim mod? I do have SSE.
  9. Did you ever end up getting this to work?
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