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  1. Trying to install XSoldier (Wotc) to my Xcom2 files however when I do male characters in character creation become invisible. New to the game and modding it so I'm probably overlooking something simple, any help would be appreciated.
  2. Yeah I made sure to have the prerequisite mods installed, I've been reading that there may be a script error that causes it not work on the player and tried installing a fix but that didn't work either. I was wondering if it may be a load order issue but don't know too much about how to fix that.
  3. Looked through the settings carefully and made sure I had full floppy set and attempted it with each one of the Toggle modes (Manual, Detect and Arousal Based) But none of them seem to work. Could it possible be the way I installed it or the mod conflicting with something, not sure if it's a setting since I've gone through all the MCM stuff?
  4. Awesome this looks exactly like what I'm looking for, I can only seem to get it to work on the npcs and not the player character though and have no Idea what I'm doing wrong, any ideas? Pretty inexperienced with modding so I'm probably just making an obvious mistake.
  5. Are there any HDT Physics mods for SAM that give genitals physics, I'm currently using HDT BBB for SAM which has a scrotum option but was wondering if there are any mods that apply it to the schlong as well?