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  1. Wow! I managed to do a refit! I'm almost ashamed that it is not so good like the ones I've seen in the NSFW Screenshot showoff thread, but it is a start... Thank you for your guide! It's great and really helped! And I have a question: if I wanted to refit a female only armor to my male character, I would have to modify the esp too? Right? What do I have to do exactly and how? I wanted something like this https://skyrimscandal.blogspot.com/2017/01/full-metal-bikini-mark-ii-unp-diana.html (I won't put a screenshot of a half naked woman here, don't worry guys) and I know it's a dificult one because of the codpiece (much patience needed) and the high heels (I'm not really into high heels... plain boots are best!)