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  1. I have Atomic body on and it shows the wedding tackle on the ghouls but they are poking through underwear and look human. Dows anyone know how to fix this?
  2. I Have never played with an ENB before, but it looks like they're a good way to get scenic photos. I finally got this game on PC and put together my Survivor and mod list. This is the victoriam line skin, with a few overlays. It looks pretty cool. I did keep the physics off cause it moved a little too much or i'd have kept them on. The Environment stuff i can't seem to get the hang of... i'm currently using the forest and FlaconOil's Retexture project.
  3. it turned out pretty good. Turns out i was missing one key feature, When installing Atomic muscle and It's related outfits, I didn't Check the modder box for the resources.... *sigh* It is however, rewarding to learn the process, than have it done for you. thanks for the help and pushing me in the right direction! Outfit Studio - (AM) Cowboy Lux - Jeans 2021-01-07 20-35-35.mp4
  4. Lol thanks for the guide, I'll look through that and see how much i can absorb... i have this thing where i can read something 20 times and not remember a thing i read haha Hop on the server? would that be the discord link in your signature? So, i read that article as thoroughly as I could. Even though the links no longer exist, I could still pretty much follow it. Yet even after that and watching 2-3 tutorials on youtube, i still haven't gotten it right lol. Am i supposed to have an atomic muscle preset? I have no idea how to add the slider to the chaps. What i do is open the mesh in outfit studio, remove the body mesh, save it, go into FO4Edit and switch slots most likely to under-armor. Which works for making the outfit into armor. I just haven't understood what step i'm missing after i add a reference mesh to the original mesh... all I've done there, is slap the shorts on the harness and save it... then the harness follows the sliders but the shorts don't. I have a feeling it's because there are no sliders to specify the growth of the shorts... and thats where i'm kinda lost.
  5. I'm trying to mash up a couple clothes so it covers my junk, i like that it's anatomically correct, just don't need it flappin' in the wind and scraping barbed fences on my adventures. Would anyone know how to make this outfit work? The harness does but the short don't lol Both are not mine and they're from here... apparently it's not as easy to do as i thought it would be.
  6. alright, sweet just making sure I'm doing it right. Thanks for the response and awesome mods!
  7. he gets muscular just fine, there are seams on the wrists and on occasion when i'm using the slider only his hands get bigger.
  8. ah thank you very much! I'm currently sorting through my LO, removing the unique player definitely helped it, but it still glitches a bit. Is it normal to do that? If the Seam issue is just an outfit thing, I can always just wear gloves. Either way i enjoy your work i played Xcom 2 with your stuff too haha.
  9. I'm using vortex, as a mod manager and i can't seem to make this work without problems. I don't know what's going on, i mean sometimes it works... then ill edit my character and his body will go completely skinny and the sliders no longer work, sometimes it only works if i'm wearing my vault suit... there are seems and breaks. I am rather new to pc mods, so i know it's an error on my end i just have no idea where. I've only put things where Vortex has suggested i put them so this is the order it's in atm. Fallout4 2021-01-03 16-09-38.mp4
  10. I can't seem to find the metal top piece the k9 robes are just pants. Also when i put any armor on from SAM it makes my body average size again (until removed), am i missing something?
  11. I'm Curious Also, I have the SE requirements and the piercings show without using sliders. Using the sliders, however, doesn't move the piercings and are hidden under the body mesh. I'm having trouble finding armors that accent the Sam Bodies also for SE. Though i am really liking the creations here and Sam light. (currently using) so, thank you!
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