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    Where to Download Morroblivion?

    I made a post recently that talked about my frustrations on Morrowind. If you want to check out that post to see where I am coming from and thoroughly roast me on my peasantry then have at it haha. Anyways, I recieved a reply that told me that I should try Morroblivion, and after checking out some videos on it, I think this could be my best way of experiencing the story of Elder Scrolls III. I could have checked the video descriptions for a download link but I think hearing it from this and seeing where most of you downloaded it (if you have downloaded it) would be more reassuring. I am paranoid about viruses and malware so that is why I am making this post to find the correct and most reliable link to Morroblivion. Thank you in advance!
  2. Is Skyrim SE also included among the Anthology? I thought I had read somewhere that it would also activate on Steam however I just put in the code for the Elder Scrolls Anthology and it only gave me Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim for download. Thanks!
  3. PS3 is an outdated console now, but it's the console I (and my siblings) use for the sake of spending less money. http://movieseriesworld.com/ http://www.movieseriesworld.com/forums/index.php I am currently torn between Skyrim and Oblivion. I don't have much knowledge of the two, but I know I'd enjoy playing both of them, as of now I can only buy one though. Skyrim is harder to get my hands on than Oblivion, but I don't know if I should buy Oblivion over Skyrim. I know these games are very similar, but I just can't find any comparision videos or posts. Oblivion seems like a game that can make you laugh, especially with the way NPC's function. In that sense, Skyrim seems more fleshed out and perhaps has more to offer. Any help with deciding would be much appreciated.