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  1. Hello, I'm not very good at modding. I tried to follow all instructions for properly installing SAM and FNIS. SAM is installed correctly and all functions appear to be working properly, except the animations. I cannot play animations in the console. I am typing the code correctly. I did run the Generate FNIS for Users EXE with Skeleton Arm Fix checked. But, the game does not appear to recognize any animations. Have I installed something wrong? Is it a mod conflict? Thank you for your time. My load order: Skyrim.esm=1 Update.esm=1 Dawnguard.esm=1 HearthFires.esm=1 Dragonborn.esm=1 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp=1 Unofficial Skyrim City Patch Modified.esm=1 Skyrim Supplemental Patch.esp=1 ApachiiHair.esm=1 HighResTexturePack01.esp=1 HighResTexturePack02.esp=1 HighResTexturePack03.esp=1 Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp=1 SkyUI.esp=1 iHUD.esp=1 Extended UI.esp=1 Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB - Flame Atronach Fix.esp=1 EnhancedLightsandFX.esp=1 Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics.esp=1 TrueStorms.esp=1 ELFX - Exteriors.esp=1 SoS - The Wilds.esp=1 SoS - Civilization.esp=1 Heavenly Weather Systems.esp=1 Dark Fantasy Weather Systems.esp=1 Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics TS.esp=1 SoS - The Dungeons.esp=1 Heavenly Weather Systems SoS.esp=1 Dark Fantasy Weather Systems SoS.esp=1 RaceMenu.esp=1 RaceMenuPlugin.esp=1 Cross Racial Features.esp=1 RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp=1 OCR-Fixes.esp=1 SAM - Dawnguard Patch.esp=1 SAM - Shape Atlas for Men.esp=1 Beards.esp=1 Brows.esp=1 TAotB - New Facial Hairs.esp=1 NB-Scars.esp=1 The Eyes Of Beauty - Elves Edition.esp=1 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp=1 XPMSE.esp=1 FNISspells.esp=1 Poser Hotkeys.esp=1 FNIS.esp=1 KXHairs.esp=1 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp=1 ELFXEnhancer.esp=1