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    Armor mods that work with SAM?

    are there any skimpy version of the vanilla armor refits for sam the only ones i found were for some clothes and the dlcs but none that did the regular armors
  2. lizthelez69

    A little follower help

    trying to use make a follower kit in the creation kit to make a follower however I am having the issue with the face not showing up it saying something to the effect of "can't find (and apply) facegen data to character... maleheadimf geometry and some other stuff the male body is tagged female not sure why and will not render as either male or female any suggestions to fix these errors would be greatly appreciated all tutorials I have found are to create female followers eww
  3. lizthelez69

    SAM User Guide

    ok I tried this xedit and it already has actorproxynord as one of the keywords
  4. lizthelez69

    SAM User Guide

    is this for console command or is there somewhere else that I do this
  5. lizthelez69

    SAM User Guide

    i have an issue with my custom races and im not sure how to fix this I have the half dragon race installed and the base of that race is considered nord but when I play a male character there is no pnis how do I fix this issue?
  6. i am also having trouble with his voice and if I need the original file im not sure where to find it