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  1. That solved the issue! Went and did everything you said, tested it all and eveything seems to be in line! thankyou very much for the help! I also apologize for the late response once again. I've been busy with my summer job and starting college tomorrow so I had to deal with that! Thanks a lot!
  2. Getting an error where it says there are to many master files loaded. I'm deactivating all of them and it keeps giving me that error
  3. Sorry for the late response, have been very busy. How would I do so? i have Creation Kit installed but have no idea what to do with it ?
  4. No, it uses Better Males with some other textures. I changed the body either way. its this area only that is being affected. The model is there, just not textures.
  5. Hey guys! Currently trying to change the Males of Skyrim textures and body to SAM Body and SAM HD textures. I previously did it successfully on SSE, with the genitals being properly textured. However now, doing the same steps of changing the textures manually, it no longer works. I have the body and its textures working fine, its just the genitals are basic blank textures, or are broken in sorts It seems like the texture for the shaft is there, but the one for the scrotum and pelvis area aren't there. If someone can explain why this is occurring I would greatly appreciate it. I'm still fairly new to this, and wanted to eventually post it to make it available to everyone.
  6. So far i've married Farkas, Vilkas and Marcurio, and everytime they get undressed in a sauna or wtv from my house, they get naked/ But their bodies aren't sam. They're fairly low res and the genitals are pretty ugly too :/. It has like a scartch mark on the chest too. Anyway to change that? Using Sam Light for SSE with Sam Light Texture Add-on
  7. Was just wondering how compatible is SAM Light with animations? like is there a way to auto erect, or do i have to do that all manually lol. Also is there any news on a full port of SAM being done by anyone at all?
  8. I'm using Sam Light on SE with EEO as there are no decent High Poly head conversions (and elven races are just fugly) however there's a neck seam! Any patches or fixes?
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