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  1. 'ello, i figured since it would take me an entire day to write this on all the downloads and resizes that you've released I just want to say you made me fall madly in love with Fallout 4 again thanks to Atomic Muscle, i've never had so much fun playing with a body mod in character creation and just watch things grow and shrink with the clothing and animations in game. The amount of characters i could make has really broadened as a result. It's impossible to say in words, but you are a legend for making this and i thank you again!

    1. Ulfberto


      Im glad i could contribute somehow, thanks for the kind words <3

  2. I had this happen to me too, i had to wait 'til online traffic 'round my hose died down so i just downloaded it at night. it never hurts to turn off background apps that do require connection too.
  3. Just downloaded the Steel Soldier armor from the cc and then added your mod over it, the fingernails have a missing purple texture just to let you know. I thought it was a cc or texture error so i removed the mod to discover it didn't even have a fingernail texture (gotta love bethesda) Everything else is working great though so thank you!
  4. No problem, I'm using the "Heavy Armored Pants Standalone [no requirements] 1.0.0.rar" file. As requested, here's pictures. Here's a picture of the control, racemenu overlays working and staying where they are And here's the armors that remove the overlays when equipped. I hope that helps.
  5. The following pants make racemenu overlays disappear when equipped: Steel plate, Blades, Nordic Carved, both Dawnguard pants, and Stalhrim. Everything else works and looks damn good.
  6. It's gorgeous but the caped cuirass is real buggy
  7. I love it, especially the much needed upgrade to the seducer set. Though for some reason the golden saint one's invisible on the ass part but thankfully it's under the kilt so it's not too noticeable. Regardless, great work. Will you be doing other Creation Club armor refits as well?
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