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  1. Thanks so much for the reply! What programs could I use to sharpen transitions between light and shadow, is the the "Curves/exposure" tool?
  2. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to modding and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to edit .msn files (normal maps) such as this: I want to make the muscles more defined and "pop out", is there a way to do this? Any programs you guys use? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. I tried deleting the breast bones - but it deletes the ring as well. Is this supposed to happen? Or is it just not possible to remove HDT from these :( Thanks for any help
  4. Hey! I finished refitting this mod: but how do I remove the physics ? I'm not using a physics body so the rings become misaligned. Do i do this in bodyslide or nifskope? any help is appreciated
  5. Hi! Everytime I reload a save game the head disappears - all I'm left with are floating eyes and a mouth. Basically it goes from facepart 3 (Highpoly Head) back to facepart 0 upon reloading How do i fix this? Is this a compatibility issue? Thanks
  6. Hi I'm trying to refit SAM Adult Accessories for SAM Light on Special Edition. When I import the .nif files into outfit studio the textures are missing (it says no image). Building the morphs in bodyslide causes the textures to be missing in game (purple textures in game) The SAM Morphs and sliders all work in game except the rings are all purple, am i missing a step? Any help is appreciated
  7. Will those custom skin textures become available at any point?
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