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    Absolutely Skimpy Attires for Men : Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Just one more thing. The first person view while sneaking glitches out when my character has the thongs or the shorts equipped. I've ried already reseting bodyslide but it didn't work. Everything else works out fine
  2. thecoon101

    Absolutely Skimpy Attires for Men : Bodytalk v2 Refit

    great mod but it would be even better if was compatible with cbp physics
  3. thecoon101

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Loving the mod but download the last version and when i try to change the new tab slider the body of my character turns purples, blurry or too shiny, depending of the option. The bodyhair option isn't showing up neither. I'm using Sam's Light texture Also since it's already supported is there any guide (preferably for dummies) explaining how to use the body gen feature feature for males (both sam body slider and regular racemenu/xp32 slider like spine, butt and waist)? I know this isn't OP responsability but I'm using MO2 and can't even make it start to work and every guide i've seen aparently only works for females. They all require tri morphs and i don't know how to get them for male characters. I'm trying to use the all option form bodygen so i don't have to change every NPC invidually like i've been doing.
  4. thecoon101

    CHRIS REDFIELD as Farkas

    I need this on SE
  5. Game won't start o SSE when i have him installed
  6. thecoon101

    Vindictus K9 Retouched Skimpy

    Does it work with SE or Sam Light? Which skin are you using?