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  1. prisinkia

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Thanks!! I didn't see that. Now it's working!
  2. Thank you, it worked great ?
  3. prisinkia

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Oh yes I'm aware ? I tried on a new save after installing the 3-2-0 update to racemenu yesterday and it seems no one had any morphs. But after reverting it works fine. I'm not sure if perhaps there was a change in how the templates work
  4. Hi, I have a bit of an issue here. I'm trying to make a switch from LE to SE so I'm taking my RaceMenu presets over. The faces work fine in SE but the bodies are flickering purple like missing texture and I can't get it to go away. I remember in Oldrim this sometimes happened when the presets had tattoos or overlays on but my presets don't have any. Is there a way to be able to save these presets or do I just have to scrap them? Thanks!
  5. prisinkia

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Understood. Thank you ? I wonder, if with the latest RaceMenu something has changed? This template seems not to work with it
  6. prisinkia

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Hi, thanks for your mod. I know it's not your responsibility, but I was wondering if someone can explain how to edit the templates.ini If I change the values like [email protected] - 0.2 that would be the same as like setting it to 20 samson right? But is there a way to edit it like regular SAM where the combined samson/samuel values won't go over the npc's max weight?