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  1. My Vampire and his smooth bottom magician. They love sex. My Vampire need his blood as food and that bottom need vampire's cum as power source. Literally. Because that bottom considered Succubus race. Without sex more than 1 day, his power drop 25 percent. XD
  2. Trying Smidgen white textures.
  3. Don

    Bath Towels for SAM

    Another HQ product XD. Instant download.
  4. Thank you. This is nice one. Simple creative idea can make great stuff. Maybe i can give some golden accessories to complete it too. I have some Greek ornament for it. XD
  5. Oh i love that. That white stuff really like greek Olympus style. Very creative and elegant
  6. Bro what is that white retextures mod. I know the armor but never see that white textures. Good for my boy too XD
  7. That normal map just ordinary sam normal map my friend. I don't edit it. Totally default bro Kouleifoh normal map.
  8. I imagine you make old dick and old ass with sam light. Lolll. Detailed dick wrinkless...beautiful but ughhh....XD
  9. It already in my plan but i need some experiment about new Skin. I want HD skin for werewolf and schlong XD.
  10. Good husbando for lusty one...
  11. One of my follower. Remus the young vampire.
  12. Don

    Anus Sam

    Alternative way, we can use low poly sam and use it as Nude Suit.
  13. Don

    Anus Sam

    Animated high poly butthole seems legit for Vectorplexus XD.