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  1. Very nice. It will increase your feet quality so much.
  2. NIce. Never thought meet another young males lover here.
  3. Yeah you just need to select Forearm and Calves part in armor addon. It will close the gap.
  4. Lollllll. Arrow straight to knee. Kirax true about this. You just have to learn a bit. Literally using Dyndolod still harder than this case.
  5. That author of Medusa and Drakul wrote : Author's instructions i don't want any part of this mod being modified and/or used in other mods and games without my consent. If that author give permission long time ago maybe i already load it. I even make skimpy version from it. Made this almost year ago. I even made that Skirt Transparent to enhance sexiness.
  6. So glad screenshoots thread become crowded with lot of fashion. This is True SAM forum quality.
  7. Nice. Good to see anime boy too. Since mostly i only see big body or hairy body with penis so big here. Lol
  8. i'm more interest with the boy. Is that follower ? The face seems japan style.
  9. What body ? It's SAM. Lol. Textures custom sam.
  10. Hooo now this hakama become free assets. First time not free assets.
  11. If you can help about permission maybe i can load my Hakama version. I'm focus for fallout lately. Maybe if i may suggest for all Requester.....If happen that armor need permission, at least help refitter with permission stuff. If requester only sit down while we work including permission, i bet many refitter will ignore your request. Personally for me, i don't care Endorsement, Donation or anything. As long as that armor good and i like it...i will try refit it. This is my Hakama. I even got the 4k version.