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  1. Of course i know about that one. We can make dirty boy as farmer and very charming boy later. Hahaha. This one i think good for charming eric.
  2. Not disturbing at all. I completely understand since not many male modder create fuck boy. Mostly just hunky male with hairy body or beard. Sos or Sam just the same. Maybe later i will make bochu follower and share it here. I'm thinking as eric slayer replacer since his voice already twink and he still green. He can slay us on bed for sure. Eric the dick pusher.
  3. Male nude gargoyles ? Very welcome. Hahaha. Don't bother make spriggan with dick. I guess no one want taste that sharp wood dick inside their ass XD.
  4. Oi oi oi. Hahaha. Brooo that elf gorgeous broooo. Better you make it into elf tri and replace in game with that version bro. Like i said before i trust your taste. Proven right. Hahaha. Better you do it bro than support other modder elf. Make your own elf special for SAM. Besides that high poly head belong to you anyway.
  5. Skyrim Crisp Modern Enb Style. Realistic skin for exterior. Just like Days Gone style.
  6. Sculpt his forehead to match the hair then.
  7. SAM BARA SLIDER EXPERIMENT Adjustable bigger or smaller : Triceps Biceps Sixpack Front thigh Back thigh Inner thigh Ass Shoulder Waist Wings ( muscle between upper arm and upperbody near armpit ) The goal is to make true bodybuilder body. Not just big scale. As gym fan myself, i need gym sexy body for my males not just big like fat daddy. Even with XP32 slider from racemenu, that slider not good. If we adjust biceps...whole upper arms become bigger ( Fake biceps setting ). Now this slider can adjust Triceps too. Full BUBBLE BUTT and muscular back thigh. Muscular Leg Overall my goal to make sam body like true mighty man. Still need work on Forearms. Maybe if this finish i can post OBJECT slider 1 or 2 so you don't need adjust every part like mad man. More like Samuel or Samson slider type with different shape.
  8. Like Warrior Cavaro, lancelot, ect. Mostly the most unique one or from Vin.
  9. Ah if you make skimpy for SE with hdt smp support then better i wait that version. Hahaha.
  10. Bro can i refit some of your old armor for SAM light with weight support ? I need that armor but skimpy version and weight support. Btw do you still keep your gorgeous Horse mod ?
  11. Because Elves design in this game shit bro. No matter what you do if you still stick around Bethesda elves concept, you won't get good elves. Even that ethereal mod still look bad for me. Can't say alien as elves XD. We talking about Legolas Vs E.T here. I'm with Tolkien flag. Lollll. Too bad i don't understand how to make head tri files. Never find guide about it. If you interest make elves, i prefer you make elves with your own taste bro. I trust your taste than any modder elves out there for males. This is my dark elves example.
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