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  1. Just go to page 83 and you will see more from this armor and link bro.
  2. That armor from female stuff.
  3. What a great guide for sam user. This guide sure will help users so they can refit their favorite outfit.
  4. Have fun with his bf
  5. Yup that one from female. I just refit it as usual. Only made some adjustment for thong part. I included real genital meshes there to suit my taste. Lucky the thong poly quite high so i can reshape it freely. The genital use different slot and must adjust the new bone weight.
  6. Barbarian outfit.
  7. Just random stuff.
  8. SAM system perfectly fine make thick thigh. Just use racemenu and adjust thigh, calves, ect.
  9. Don

    Ygnord with SAM

    Let see what i can do. But YGnord different with AVA because AVA using female head. The real YGNord usually become boy, not femboy face. This is my sample from real YGNord.