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  1. That's splendid. Playable kiki mostly enough as simple solution.
  2. If you aim like Kiki follower then you need different face textures for sam. By default, almost impossible make feminin anime face or bishounen with sam textures face. Preset alone not enough. Kiki follower using female head as base. So your best bet is to use Bochu Race. That race available too for sam skin but not the morph. Try googling bochu race. This is my example from modded bochu race for sam.
  3. Don

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    Not on nexus for sure. I'm not nexus modder anymore. Yes the left sexy one with thong is Maccready. He is my spouse in game. His voice very young almost twink so i designed him as young male too. Smooth custom skin ( reddish ass too like spanked ) and body shape. Because i don't like muscular bottom. Need them smooth and cute.... Lol.
  4. Don

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    Some of my beloved party. Maccready, Preston, Nick Valentine gen 3, Danse, Hancock and Deacon.
  5. Don

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    Classic wasteland armor just for fun.
  6. Don

    Matrix Hunter - Bodytalk V2 Refit

    You should add 25 cloth material to craft that Robe. Lol
  7. Don

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    X6, Gage, and MacCready.
  8. Don

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    Yeah that just retextures double barrel. This is my Danse preset. I just have fun with his preset.
  9. Don

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

  10. What you ask, require explanation like short novel. I doubt somebody want explain it so complete ( if they can do it too ). Not to mention making malehead.tri from new meshes. Even Dizona and Dem can't do it complete like vanilla. The easiest way, maybe use high poly skyrim head ( as base ) and reshape it in blender. Using new meshes, different vecticles, ect really complicated. Making expression for racemenu slider kind nightmare actually.
  11. Don

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

  12. Make sex scene with him. Lol. Sure gorgeous.
  13. Vampire Seduction