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  1. Finally build another Skyrim SE. Made some enb too.
  2. Don

    A little follower help

    But you need change his face textures or you will get neckseam.
  3. Yes this chris maybe actually taken from that chris stand alone. To make this compatible with sam bro kouleifoh fix the head and textures. Without his skill this chris impossible for sam body. You can read the thread in forum.
  4. Don

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Awesome Update bro......Thank you so much.
  5. This mod intention, ...to make Chris into one of official Skyrim character with conversation and involve the quest. Stand alone chris will serve another purpose for sure. Besides, this Chris is SAM version.
  6. Do you include the bodyslide files too ? Because it will make me easy to apply bone weight incase i need some custom weight.
  7. This Chris will use whatever SAM body you have for sure as usual.