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  1. Bochu update v2 normal map body. Using Cuyima unfinished project mix to get smoother body and less muscular one.
  2. Just tweaking some body details like face, leg scars, vein, ect.
  3. Miraak the Apocrypha ruler and his happy time.
  4. SAM Cicero Replacer. He's cute but don't believe him. He got that joker smile. He will kill you without hesitation even in bed. Cute + Pretty + Psycho + Sweet = New Cicero.
  5. Release it bro.,hahahaha. Can't wait your work. As usual gorgeous work. ============================================================================================== MERGED POST. The boy want dragonborn inside him.
  6. Modding game not something we can copy from other like download MP3 though. You should learn how to mod your game like others. Especially in skyrim many peoples creating patch for this, patch for that. If happen someday you experience CTD, you have no idea what's going on because your knowledge totally zero about your own game. Say if i load my own MO2 files to net, peoples will not understand why i did this, why i did that.
  7. This is why you should not make nordic presets while listening to Korean songs.
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