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  1. Don

    Problem with genitalia

    Is this new race ? That only happen if in CK that race skeleton not point to XPMSE skeleton. I experienced this once long time ago. After i make some changes in CK, i fix it.
  2. Don

    Download — Leo the Ice Mage

    I will post more cute one later.
  3. Like this image. I remove all bones that not connected to hdt. So i give the cloak new sam skeleton following with default hdt. This cloak got tri files and will follow samson or samuel but leave the hdt like default. What happen here just similar like this cloak of mine but reversed ( need to remove hdt one ). I do this because if i don't rig it with sam.... the shoulder will clip.
  4. As for the cloak...i will remove any bones from chest that not connected to sam default bones. Not just remove from shape but remove it from project. So that chest cloak will totally unweighted. After that...rig it with new sam chest skeleton without hdt. But only do this for chest part. Leave the rest like default. Smp or Pe....all about the bones.
  5. In my game i remove kouleifoh breast hdt skeleton for sam and leave butt one. I replace chest sam with default skeleton without hdt. It's male chest...not female. So before you refit clothing...sam body as base must complete first so we can rig it like true male. Moving ass is fine for me but chest for male usually not move like that. If you solved the body....the rest will follow when you copy the bones. But this is just me. If moving breast for male important for you then you must use other solution. I don't like my males chest moving like fat. Muscles not jigging like females breast for me.
  6. It's body physics from females. Just remove the skeleton from chest area and apply sam chest skeleton for replacer. It will fix it. Make sure keep back skeleton like this. It's already good for movement.
  7. Gorgeous. Looks so fabulous.
  8. Dragonborn and his twink....
  9. You need remappable key bro. This key will conlict with Poser Hotkeys. I can't use this for pose because will change the pose too. Better use Numlock button like 4,8,6,2 and + and -
  10. Fire Eyes WIP from my friend.
  11. Don

    10/24 Anubis Armor

    Thank you for this armor. Awesome. I love it. Made some adjustment for my taste.
  12. Abs like that...really like marijuana for me. Lol. Hug it.....
  13. Hardcore body from download section.