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  1. Agree. Females stuff best. We can take it and convert it. Me too love hillat. Glad see someone with same interest. Maybe someday we can trade collection.
  2. That bdo hillat is on point for me. Lol. Hillat always good for fabulous man.
  3. The refit not hard. The permission another story. If you can ask permission and get the permission it will make refitter work easier. Mostly ( not all ) refitter lazy ask permission especially if they don't need that armor. Helping each other would be best for sure. Someone refit it...other ask permission.
  4. The original sos from loverslab of course.
  5. It use human head too. You can see the face different right. This body totally sam and textures. This giant based on mod giant race modified to sam. But i don't play LE anymore and this file gone with my hdd. If i must make giant again it will be for sam light. Not for skyrim LE for sure.
  6. Hooooo. I like that one. Make sure the hand and feet shape not become too weird. I just know what skin for that one. I made some mutant skin but not fun using human animation. Is it possible make that hand muscular and the shoulder not too weird ?
  7. Don

    Anus Sam

    Why use the low poly sam version for this ? almost all players already use high poly version. I mean for sex screenshoots, using high poly body very good. Besides your anus mod will become so much gorgeous. I will try this body. I hope this for SE not LE. I don't play LE anymore.
  8. Play with some skin setting.
  9. MARVELOUS work bro.