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Everything posted by Don

  1. I've been thinking replace female housecarls with femboy too. This soul cairn with eso lighting style.
  2. Journey with serana femboy. Harkon and his pretty son.
  3. Sculpt art before after. Turn jafar into aladdin.
  4. This is housecarls males i think : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17163
  5. What's wrong with remove females. If you ask for remove males you will get ban instantly XD. There is some mod from loverslab change many faction including housecarls to males but i forgot what mod.
  6. Testing natural lighting and selfie at WarMaidens.
  7. Stuff from bro Kou mostly very custom and hardcore. Lol.
  8. Make your head bigger about 1.02 or 03 to balance torso wide.
  9. Ups. Head updated ? Time to update then.
  10. Yes i made it from original textures as base. Recolor it and enhance it.
  11. But wet reduction kind scripted. Better make specular that react well with enb. Besides wet redux specular too much glossy for face. Almost like metal.
  12. I working for wet specular for now. For serana i will load it after test it. I must see what effect for quest after we give dick for her XD. Wet specular very sexy for any game so we must have that one.
  13. I want replace serana with pretty femboy. Make some comparison with famous serana before make it into follower. Femboy version :
  14. My main house pretty guardian. From left to right. 1 magicka blacksmith, 1 sorcerer security, 1 chef, and 1 boyfriend to lead them all.
  15. This just sexy giant like screenshoots. Not nasty critters because i never use it. For me this is purely for candy eye.
  16. Don't enable complexion and certainly not compatible with poly head. Use this mod like default and start sculpt manually. Bochu not a common race and even from default mod...totally not compatible with complexion and high poly.
  17. View File Sexy Muscular Giants Special Edition I don't refit this giants for other clothes so every giants will look like this. Not bad for candy eyes. Just install as usual. If you want use it for LE, convert them yourself with nifoptimizer for personal use. I reshaped his loincloth like last pictures. Triangle shape. Other picture just for trial. Submitter Don Submitted 08/17/2020 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible Yes Created by SavrenX  
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