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  1. Cool hehe, I would totally f*ck your handsome char, he's so hot!
  2. Same, I'm trying to fix Leon's seam, Carlos and Nero are not too bad with SAM Light, but Leon has too strong neck seam. Wish you good luck!
  3. This is tropical island for Skyrim SE? Looks really cool.
  4. I have this mod, but it has neck seam and holes, how did you fix it please..
  5. Just checking some *new* mods, first person view works good in Skyrim SE 😁
  6. Awesome! How are you making your nipples so big? Me want!
  7. I think there is an error in latest version choices, all options seems to me uncut thick for me, I wanted to use light uncut but after checking archive all seems the same (uncut thick)
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