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  1. MaleLover

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    What is this beautiful egyptian place and armor/gadgets? 😍
  2. MaleLover

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Can you add some hair to armpits and arms too? Looks weird just on chest and legs, thank you. Anus texture would be cool too, or is there one already I just can't see it?
  3. MaleLover

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    I just wanted to let you know, that even with your refits for amulets, some still have clipping problems even when weared on naked body, also there is a bug with golden amulet, which is actually a silver amulet. Also would you please add collisions for head too, like in female hdt smp based bodies Is anus collisions possible? I see that latest XPMSSE has anus bones for both genders.. thx
  4. MaleLover

    Male Overhaul Mod

    Nice nice, just one thing, that last pic with Redguard npc, he looks kinda odd? Too big head maybe? Or just odd proportions, don't you think? Hey it's not hating or anything, just want to point my observations
  5. MaleLover

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    No need to be so official..
  6. MaleLover

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Hot action in a men's brothel.. 😏
  7. MaleLover

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    ^ Everything you touch turns to gold!😍
  8. Looks very good, is it for SSE Sam Light High Poly with physics yes? Thanks for sharing!
  9. MaleLover

    Sims 4 - The Gay Stuff and my WIP [NSFW]

    Mike?! Is that you, you lying motherfucker
  10. MaleLover

    Fallout 4 Bodytalk V2 - Issue

    This is an issue with BT2 v2.75, all vanilla outfits (also gloves?) with naked hands will have it, naked body and some of my refits don't have this problem, cuz I used BT2 as a base body, not vanilla body, to fully fix it, it would need that every clothes/armors would need BT2 as base body/hands not vanilla body/hands, which is too much work, hands from older BodtTalk v2.25 did not had this issue (at least it was less visible), the problem is with MaleHands.nif as I tested it carefully.
  11. MaleLover

    Bath Towels for SAM

    Thank you very much!
  12. MaleLover

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Yeah, too bad they had to cut gay/bi romances for them due to the ''lack of time and money'' as they said..
  13. MaleLover

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    @Don can you please share some of your armors refits?