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  1. Oh I forgot to mention that I'm on LE--do you know if it's still compatible?
  2. LOL I was just covering my bases I did see a thread of loverslab, but all the links for the mods it mentioned were broken links. Everywhere I managed to look ended up being its own dead end, so I'm trying here now (after searching "female" and going through all the results > <
  3. Hey guys, I hope this post doesn't come off in the wrong way (e.g. misogyny), but I was wondering if there are any mod(s) that allow for removing things like female guards, bandits, mages, forsworn, etc. I don't mind female NPCs and the like, but the more regularly interacted-with NPCs... maybe making the factions male as a whole? Or even if there's some tutorial out there I can be directed to using TES5Edit or CK to make it so specific factions only generate male entities, stuff like that. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Oh well! No huge grievances about it, I just hope all is well with him
  5. Hello! Sorry if this is any kind of salt on a wound or anything like that, but I've really loved Vector's works while always having lurked in the shadows and stuff, and I just saw the screenshots of the updated version that hasn't been publicly released. I fully understand and respect Vector's decision of taking steps back for his own personal sake, and I hope my words don't ignite anything, because that isn't my intention--I was just curious if this would be the place he would publicly release the updated versions if he chose to. I really only started playing and currently thoroughly enjoy games like Skyrim and XCom 2 because of his influence, so reigniting those flames (especially in the latter's case) with any kind of update to the mods I treasure (and would honestly gladly pay for, because I know there are hours behind these creations, and imo hard work with such benefits as these don't need to be free) would be incredibly exciting. 😶 In the end, though, I really respect Vector's works and his decisions. I just hope all is well with him! I just had a curiosity that I was hoping could be quenched > <.
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