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    SAM Installation Guide

    Hello. I'm new to this Sam. I have not tried it yet. I'm trying to get the needed files. I have all the ones listed in downloads except for the SAM - Textures - SD or HD. I have a fast DSL speed. Takes me about 7 minutes to download. I have tried to get SD & HD about 4 times each one, & keep getting (Failed. Network error.) Why does this happen? I'm assuming this is the last file I need to finally go into trying to play game. I have spent last 2 days trying to get SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim working with no luck.Menus won't show up as well as Schlong. Just white or brown undies. Finally gave up on that & thought I'd try this. Do I need the textures? Can I get a body file & skip the textures file? Well, I tried to get this SAM Light Texture Add-on 1.1 after getting SAM Light 1.3, & that file also has a (Failed Network error as well.) Thanks for the help.