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  1. ROFLcopter

    Skimpy Nordic Carved Armor

    I can second this. Different from old issue with Imperial armor because this one still morphs with weight slider, it's just significantly skinnier than the naked body.
  2. ROFLcopter

    Skimpy Imperials

    Sorry for the late reply but my problem is identical to what is shown in @Darnexx's post. Those gaps appear from weight values 1-99, while not appearing at 0 and 100 weight values. The broken values seem to be stuck using the *_0.nif mesh of the body.
  3. ROFLcopter

    Skimpy Imperials

    Hi, this armor isn't appearing correctly in my game. Unless I have my weight values set to 0 or 100, gaps start to appear at the neck, wrists, and ankles. At any value between these the main body seems to stay the same as at 0 value, but the neck/wrists/ankles start to morph and cause the gaps. Changing the Samson sliders at these values does not seem to cause the issue (forgot to check with Samuel). I am not running any other mods that alter these armors. Your Sons of Talos armor is working correctly however.