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  1. Thanks for the reply! The problem with HDT BBBounce is that the file isn't even available on the page you linked. I did manage to find it on another website back in 2018 and got it to work somehow, even though it was outdated. Anyways, even though this worked, other floppy stuff like FloppySOS did not. I also don't remember if the belly worked. I'd like to hear about all of this from more people, though. What are your guys' experience with SE or, more importantly, Endreal (it would mix up the gameplay for me and that's why I'd like to know how much of the sexy stuff works with it before modding it)?
  2. Yeah, I've seen this one. ? That's one ugly Bowser, heh. Thanks for the reply, though.
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if the Special Edition is compatible with SAM, sexy outfits, jiggle physics and other sex mods yet, or am I better off modding Oldrim? Additionally, I'm curious if it's possible to make Endreal work with any of those? Last time I modded SE in 2018 I had a lot of trouble making things work properly (outfits missing, jiggles would refuse to work, etc.), but I'm not sure how things have changed? My main focus are obviously sex mods and first person camera (which didn't work very well in SE), but I would also like for my Skyrim to look nice and run well.
  4. Is it possible to look like this? I'm looking to straight up turn my character into bulky Bowser or to at least resemble him by getting his spiked bracelets, spiked shell, etc. Anyone knows if I can do that?
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