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  1. By design SAM and SOS don't really work together, as it's been said in a few other topics somewhere on the site, the only reason to use them together is to have SOS solely for affecting females, and SAM solely for males
  2. I'm relatively sure that an SSE version of SAM is currently being developed
  3. I'm going to assume that it would use files from the SAM core, so whoever makes the conversion would also need Vectors permission to do so and make it available for others.
  4. Considering that most if not all files both here and on LoversLab aren't registered for the LOOT masterlist, chances are, that your load order is the problem, unless you manually sorted it after running loot so that the esp's are in the right places for mods that aren't on the masterlist. Like I said, it's probably not SAM causing the crashes, but another mod you have installed.
  5. I believe that this what you want to read regarding that
  6. Papyrus logs aren't always going to show you the exact reason for the crash, SAM shouldn't be causing a crash unless you have another mod that affects the same files that SAM does like having SOS installed at the same time, so the chances are that SAM isn't causing your crash, it's more likely one of the other mods you have installed, or a poorly optimized load order
  7. Not that I'm aware of, the main reason for clean re-install when changing from NMM to MO is really because NMM makes changes to the Data folder, which is where 12gb of the 13gb that make up Skyrim are.. I know how you feel about crap internet, I live in Australia, and here the internet is awful no matter where you are ;w;
  8. Switching to MO from NMM, I would suggest uninstalling all your mods, as MO uses it's own system of mod placement and reading, where NMM installs them in the Skyrim installation folder, MO makes it's own separate folder outside the Skyrim installation location, and just to make sure that everything that NMM did to the Skyrim files, doing a clean re-install of the game, it's tedious, but well worth it Edit: Just as an example of how MO installs mods, I've added a screenshot, it creates a folder for each mod installed so it doesn't replace files, unlike NMM which tends to cause problems for some people
  9. SAM and SOS don't work together, only use one. I'm assuming you use NMM for your mods from the look of the screenshot, which if its the case, you'll have to reinstall SAM to fix the body issue. The Vanilla DLC should be loaded Dawnguard, Hearthfire then Dragonborn. SMIM should probably be higher in your load order, under USLEEP, as should SkyUI I believe Also the Dawnguard patch.esp should be below the Shape Atlas for Men.esp, since its the core esp. Edit: If it is the case you use NMM I would suggest switching to Mod Organizer, its just overall better since it doesn't directly overwrite files. I would also suggest downloading the XP32MSE skeleton (and it's requirements) over on LoversLab or on Nexus, it's compatible with both SOS and SAM, and should be loaded after them.
  10. I believe that SAM has poses automatically just you have to set them through the console (And of course FNIS to register them to work) But any mods that aren't on the site, from what I know, are because the people that made the mods weren't pleased about what happened last year, but that doesn't mean you can't ask the authors, either here, on HoT or elsewhere, if they still have the mods and if it's obtainable somehow. Regarding the refits, they were on the site not long ago, but were taken down because the person that put them up didn't get permission from the mod makers I believe, if I recall right, the person that made the dawnguard and dragonborn refits is Afendor (?), so if you can find them and ask about the refits, you may have luck getting them like that
  11. Since the game forums are gone, if anyone knows where I can find a nice khajiit texture that works with SAM, it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me ;w;

    1. sh1ny


      Please, refer to this announcement.
      You can access Modding section by applying to Authors group while we’re working on making the forums a better place for everyone.

    2. unhipster


      Cheers for that link, Sh1ny, i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who missed that announcement :$

      I usually check the new status section and stuff first before i look through anything else, it might be helpful to post that link in a status for people like me to see it quicker and easier before seeing the lack of forums and being like "Oh, still not done" or what have you and just not paying attention hehe xD

      Unless i missed something else in which case please ignore my stupidity :3

  12. Same problem

  13. What happened to the forums? All the game forums aren't appearing on the site...

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. IMhungree


      Oh thank goodness. I thought I was banned. I wouldn't even begin to know what I'd get banned for, I seldom say anything here. Either way, I do hope Vector's okay and I'm glad (and sad) I'm not the only one experiencing this

    3. unhipster


      Fingers crossed for special edition section ;3

    4. Kamihana


      Oh, I thought it was just me. I just registered and couldn't access anything! 

      Guess I'll just have to be patient. :) 

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