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  1. DoubleT

    [BUGS] Divinity: Original Sin

    I'm using version now and find an issue. If I stack two or more "Compendium of Mortal Techniques" together and use it, it will consume the whose stack but the character would only get 3 skill points, just like using only one book.
  2. DoubleT

    [BUGS] Divinity: Original Sin

    Sorry for the late reply. I was using new games to check this issue. As far as I am concerned, this issue might only occur in "Leather Ring Armour" (from NPC shop) and "Polished Leather Armour" (from crafting, with skill level 4 or more, by "needle and string" and "leather scraps"). Other kinds of leather armour such as "Antique Leather Armour", "Aeather Brigandine", or "Superior Leather Armor" won't cause this issue. Also, it seems that "Light Nice Armour"(mail armour) would cause the same issue. The other kinds of armour seems fine.
  3. DoubleT

    [BUGS] Divinity: Original Sin

    I just downloaded version and found a new problem. There's a certain type of the leather armor chest does not show up in this version when it's equipped. Hope the image I attached might explain this situation.