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    SAM HDT Collision

    is anyone still working on this? for skyrim se? I don't use the sam body, I use High Poly Male body (and soon theres gonna be a physics enabled one/bodyslide version) my main concern is utilizing SOS with HDT SMP. ik oldrim had floppy sos but currently the best that HDT SMP + CBBE SMP's malegenitals.xml file can do is make the scrotum jiggle well but the penis itself doesn't seem to jiggle all that well and theres no collision between the scrotum and the penis. :C is there any way someone could figure out a way to get the collision working but for just the SOS genitals at least? (and upload the files) (I have: SOS se , HDT SMP SSE framework & HDT SMP SSE v1.5.62 from that chinese website, Malegenitals.xml file from CBBE SMP addon mod, High Poly male body)