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  1. suicidal old snake

    sos addons for sam?

    thank you, this at least proves that its possible (but not with my lack of modding) to have an sos schlong added to SAM, i was hoping for a more exotic shape.
  2. suicidal old snake

    sos addons for sam?

    I REALLY like Sam for skyrim because of the great characters you can make with it, i really dont like any other male body replacing mods like sos, but seems how sos is more popular it has more choices for the schlong shape (the only reason i use sos). So im going to ask if anyone knows mods to add more schlong types to sam or if there are existing mods that have compatibility to sam. (i do use skyrim special edition but that doesnt matter) thank you in advance.
  3. suicidal old snake

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    one question, is the moonlight tales comparability patch included? (i only have skyrim special edition so i use this)
  4. suicidal old snake

    help me please

    thank you, it works now!
  5. suicidal old snake

    help me please

    im using skyrim special edition and im trying to use SAM because its a good looking mod ( more specifically sam morphs for race menu because i read that it works with special edition) it just doesnt work, im probably just dumb but help would be greatly appreciated.