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Nachtigall Miseme

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  1. what is the difference with this mod? Bodybuilder Naked Armor for SAM Original LE v_1_01 ?
  2. Hello, a pleasure to greet everyone. It is the first time that I introduce myself, I am Nachtigall Miseme, Nach for friends, a big fan of skyrim and eager to learn how to make mods, I am a good draftsman and I really like Bara and Hyperbara-Furry, part of that is because I really like Vector mods, and I know it since I used SOS in its first version. Unfortunately my pc is low mid-range so I run the game in low graphics This is my homonymous main character Nachtigall Miseme, The Orconi = Orc + Oni. Age: 32 Height: approximately 2.5 m Weight: between 304 to 423 kg Weapons: he knows how to use everything but he has a preference for large swords that he uses with one hand due to his great strength. Magic: Master of chaos magic and healing. Curiosities: his skin produces a special oil that protects his body from many things in addition to being a natural lubricant. Penis size: very large. . enormous. Special abilities: Extreme strength, he can modify his body, even though it is always great, among others. Intelligence: average intelligence even though he is very clever. Hobbies: go on an adventure. Favorite food: everything sweet, cheese and wine, hates all fish and seafood.
  3. Thank you very much, this mod is great, they are the ones I like the most, I hope to see more
  4. Yes, hopefully they can make a version for HIM. and Thanks is the only part that I liked about the mod, the underwear
  5. You have done a great job, I hope they work well in my character I regularly have problems with various costume mods, I will have to do personal refid
  6. I devour it, some I do not like but many look very good, I love the blue Monk and others
  7. hello. . guys SAM is compatible whit Highly Improved Male Body Overhaul -HIMBO- ?
  8. thanks, I use very tall and very thick characters (muscular and fat) and this is great for them ♥
  9. need try this ♥ thanks
  10. hi guys a little help, i just have this screenshot, this underwear what mod is it?
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