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  1. lxlhunter

    SAM, Hall of Torque and change in EULA

    @RocketLombax Vector told LadyM to post the EULA and it was her responsibility to let users of her site know about it and understand it. Vector also sent her an email yesterday with the changes to the EULA that stated that the only things that would not be allowed to be on any other site except this site is anything that contained assets that he worked on, be that code, the body mesh, or ESP. There was even a good friend of Vector's that was going to help her determine what could stay on her site and what couldn't. So LadyM was the one that decided to remove everyone's content that had anything to do with SAM and she is also the one that decided to remove it all with absolutely no notice to the users of her forums. That is not Vectors doing. His intent was to host his mod over here and anybody would be able to make addons to it or anything they want to be a part of SAM and they can have it hosted where ever they want as long as it doesn't contain any assets that he worked on. This is a bad response on LadyM's part. She is the one that is tearing down all the content made by other modders.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This mod adds a growing tail based on your Samson and Samuel settings from SAM. There isn't any updates as this is the file I made back on 1/6/15. If there were any updates to the file between then and now, I'm sorry that I don't have them. I'm just uploading this like this for now just to make it accessible. If there are any issues then I apologies and may look into them when I have time to relearn Skyrim modding.