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  1. Thank you for the quick response! I appreciate it. I apologize, I'm not that familiar with modding. Actually, I'm quite new to it. I checked on Vortex to see if there was any conflicts with the AM files. It said there were conflicts with the load order for AM_v1.5.2 v, CBP Physics, and ZaZ-Extended Skeleton. I followed Vortex's suggestions for load order hoping that would help. I also tried adding the lines to the Fallout4Custom.ini file but neither seemed to help. Upon starting up the game, a message was displayed saying "all morphs assigned by bodygen have been reseted. Please save and quit the game and disable the mod." When all armor is removed, my character is nude with the penis visible and the Hairy Men EVB body but I can't seem to get the AM body to load properly. I also have no ability to alter the AM body. It seems as if the mod is half-installed, like I'm missing something. This is the list of all mods enabled: Hairy Men for EVB v2 ZaZ-Extended Skeleton Ulfberth's Looksmenu Presets and Tattoos Ulfberth Skin Overlays for Male Bodies LooksMenu v1-6-20 NPCMaleBodies_1.71a F4SE CBP Physics for F4 Bodygen Reset Script.7z Atomic-Muscle_v1.5.2.7z Additional Body Textures I'm browsing other troubleshooting forums hoping to find a solution. I'm also hoping the discord you provided, Bearhood of Steel, could also be of some help. However, when I visit the discord it seems I'm unable to view the messages or leave a message. Should I uninstall Vortex and reinstall it and the corresponding mods and try again? Is Mod Organizer 2 a better option for this set of mods? I'm attaching images below displaying the errors I encountered. Again, sorry for my technical ineptitude. I'm new to this. I'm just very eager to play Fo4 with your uberswole mod. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Upon discovering the Atomic Muscle mod I was very excited to try the mod out. I followed all the instructions and guides listed on the mod page including downloading all required mods and even the recommended ones also. I use Vortex to manage my mods and set the load order as instructed. All the proper mods were enabled but when I tried to launch the game, the Atomic Muscle body didn't load. Instead it was just a normal body render with the Hairy Men for EVB v2 mod functioning. Upon using the SLM 14 command, it brings me back to character customization menu and under Body, the options for "advanced" and "overlays" shows up so I'm assuming the Atomic Body mod is working to a degree but I'm unsure why the actual rendered Atomic Body isn't loading. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm attaching an image of the Vortex mod management screen for reference.
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