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  1. Nifskope doesnt let me copy mesh from one to another, i tried with other things and failed a ton of times. I guess the only solution is to mesh a new custom briarheart or accept that they're a lost cause anyway lol they're cursed and crazed, the lot of em.
  2. Damn that sucks man, hopefully they'll sort it out, seems like a weird bug too.
  3. Strange, thats not happened to me yet, are you using SSE or Classic? I admit I never could get classic to play well on any windows past win 7 lol. SSE doesnt give me any bugs so far it performs amazingly in comparison.
  4. Oooh those are cool, seems like the texture is just too low-rez You might be able to directly edit it in photoshop to add some detail, but a proper normal and specular is a must for them to be uber sweet like Kou's shoes he did on his outfits here.
  5. This is the high poly mesh on one of my characters in SL, signature body, catwa head, & Aeros meat n potatoes. I cant even imagine how many tri's all are together, but I can render only wireframe for a general idea, some quick snapshots below. The head is super impressive, Catwa is masterful at squeezing out the most the game can do, so many verts that i can make a ton of different characters with the same mesh, theres some up on my flikr page. in the SL album https://www.flickr.com/photos/macrocosm-sl NSFW below
  6. Ahh thats interesting, ive not heard about that high poly male head yet, ill look it up. You''re right about the Citrus head having issues, but it was fun to test it out. Even the default skyrim head is not too bad really, with good textures, but more poly is nice, im spoiled by the Catwa heads in Second life, they're awesome, hundreds of bones and really detailed mesh, but they have to be since textures can be only a max of 1024x1024 in their network, still they're able to achieve great results compared to the early days before mesh and bento and such. So you export the mesh to 3d app as well? Seems to me the best way, but I was unsure of the whole process and whether it would work in game afterwards, I was pleasantly surprised, blender is my favorite app, though im still a novice lol its so much fun to create I cant resist it. I am almost feeling more confidant in tweaking the khajiit head to take out the human ears and flatten the nose a bit, but I suppose ill have to create morphs and tris and all sorts of shit I know little to nothing about, so it will take me a long time, especially considering how many crazy complex hobbies and interests I have XD
  7. Anyone had much luck using the Citrus head? Seems to work alright on my SSE but there is one or two eyes/mouth combo's that make the characters look demented and foul, with teeth jutting out and lips peeled back XD. Also its not quite as high polly as it could be, at least in the front areas, which ive seen mentioned elsewhere here already. Did anyone keep tinkering with it? I think the resources are free to use for anyone, even for new mods, but I wonder how much better it could be. I was able to get head meshes into Blender3d app finally tried it out, I was attempting to merge a regular facegeom and citrus head to make a custom NPC use citrus, but I got bored with the NPC and now want to just tinker with other things hehe. I also tried to install oldrim to have a face sculpt setup but it was a nightmare, only 8 mods, and still a nightmare to install oldrim lmao. So fuck that mess, id rather edit the nifs and mesh in Blender, and whatever else works with SSE until racemenu can do face sculpting exports in SSE.
  8. Its big enough to be a mount! lol you tinkering around with nioverride?
  9. Yeah, those pesky grey and black face bugs can be tricky sometimes. Another thing to note is there is an app or command line bit that can be used to return your data and skyrim directory to pure default state, maybe its a steam console command, I cant recall exactly but I used it in the past on oldrim.
  10. I released my first mod on the nexus lols, its ridiculously simple but really helps a lot in screenshots if you use Wet and Cold mod, the drips are HUGE, and ENB can exacerbate that by making them larger if when the DOF hits it, now they're barely there as it should be. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19477 Should work in Oldrim too. Im using only SAM in screenshots there and folks have PM to ask already, so I sent them here of course.
  11. It looks pretty damn awesome IMO, maybe just take the textures and tarnish them, a bit darker and dirty and it will look top notch!
  12. Very nice, works great, except for custom beards, because the tri would need updates for those, but all the vanilla beards work fine. It replaces the tri file that controls male facial expression animations. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19532?tab=description ☺️
  13. Another texture im working on I started with 3MW set but upsized to 4k & 2k textures & adding custom details, this is so much fun. What I want to figure out soonish is how to rig this up in Blender so I can hand paint on the model in real time and bake normals n such. I tweaked the Khajiit skin more but I still need to edit the mesh to get human ears out.
  14. Damn, im reverting back to 0-2-3 racemenu lol, that sounds like its going to be a huge undertaking! Maybe if we all chip in we can knock it out together faster. Also I cant seem to tell if its letting me use the Citrus heads I ported or not either, racemenu wont allow my to slide the Head Part slider, so I need to test that on the last racemenu release too.
  15. Ouch, so that racemenu update broke most of the armor on the Nexus and elsewhere for SSE?
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