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  1. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    @DarkIbis That video you loaded says no supported mime type? Does it play for you? @KouLeifoh Yeah lol, I love the balls movement, its really quite nice, and seems to never collide with the thighs, its rare to collide with the beam unless you jump etc. Im glad to hear its not just me and my setup, that there's still some investigating to do for figuring out collision. There is a post over on LL specific to this maybe has some bits worth checking out, if you've not already. They've been going through the motions of this new hdt-smp and SSE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/68731-hdt-smp-for-sse
  2. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    The HDT-SMP is quite awesome, body giggles are much more realistic, but I have yet to get the collision to work on the body, in testing I gave them both the physics object, and they had them worn, but everything seemed to be the same, and the schlong doesn't seem to be colliding with anything, not the balls either which fly through it lol. @KouLeifoh did you get it working in SSE or Oldrim? Did you have to add anything to the schlong nifs? Was I supposed to rename your xml above and put in hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs folder? I assumed it went in the directory structure you had in your download above, so its one level above in Plugins, is that correct? I searched through the xml's and couldn't find anything relating to specific schlong slot, so im unsure if the slot difference may be the issue? SAM in SOS uses slot 52 for schlong. Guess I need to test some other collision hdt-smp armors or something, to see if collision is just broken on my load order by something else. So close! Directory structure below for the SAM hdt-bbb
  3. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    So I think ive got one more extra step to do, since Skyrim proper doesnt have a SAM-Full and so I use SOS with SAM mesh, bringing over the HDT BBB from here which had genitals that must be removed, will require I also add something to the external genital nifs like SAM classic it seems. Everything else worked, but the balls flew through the schlong & no collisions, though they bounce really great!, and the HDT-SMP is really awesome. So im going to try and see whats missing from the genital nifs, or do the conversion tutorial for old HDT-Physics mesh to be compatible with HDT-SMP. Edit: Hmm, I dont think anything needs to go into the schlong as far as I can tell. Maybe my directories are incorrect, or something else like that lol
  4. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    CBP Physics is like a lite version of HDT Physics. But HDT-SMP is the nextgen version from the same creator of HDT Physics. Ive just installed it, hopefully it works out as great as it seems like it will. The CBP Physics does not have collision possible which is why it didnt work. Also I didnt run FNIS, I didnt think that would be needed, but I will do now.
  5. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    Well, ive not merged it yet, but when testing I didnt notice any difference, perhaps because im using CBP Physics and not HDT Physics, or HDT-SMP ? I guess I need to bite the bullet and finally install HDT-SMP, just havnt wanted to create an account on that site, since they said they would do an official release.
  6. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    Ok that sounds good, so I'll combine the three esp's and keep the base name, plus keep the esm with the same name & test.
  7. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    Oh no need to apologize, Thank you man. You've dropped an awesome mod on us here!
  8. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    Is there a reason to use an ESM? I am just now converting to SSE, however id prefer to merge all them together, there are no DLC for SSE, so we dont need separate patches for them, everyone has all DLC included. Edit: So are these all mergable? Four plugins into one, would be better on my over 500 mod load order hehe. If the ESM is required I could bring it down to two, one esp and one esm, or even all down to just the esm.
  9. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    Yes I use Kou's awesome high poly conversion too, and I use SAM classic mesh/textures I ported to SOS mod, so in theory this will work, ill just need to resave the esm and esp in CK to update form. Does this do the penetration collision on the caboose? or is it only belly distortion? I guess i am unsure what it does because I never bothered with collision stuffs, since it was always about vajayjay's lol.
  10. infiniteone

    SAM HDT Collision

    Oh cool, SAM Penile Penetration? Like the hdt-pusswa for females? Did you try it on SSE yet?
  11. infiniteone

    Custom player character only textures?

    Ok, after digging in and seeing how out of date EBD and Skyproc are I've decided to make a UPF patcher instead, with zEdit. Wish me luck! With it I should be able to propagate skin/body variations, as well as all the things like weight, hair, complexion, eyes, tints, etcetera. Unified Patching Framework UPF https://z-edit.github.io/#/docs?t=Modules%2FCore_Modules%2FUnified_Patching_Framework Mator said this, which he's almost done with, will make the process easy to implement. >8) https://github.com/matortheeternal/zedit-npc-tools
  12. infiniteone

    Custom player character only textures?

    Cheers man, that mostly makes sense to me & seems like it should work for player character, I think ill have to tinker with it some more again soon. I do want to try out every body's different as well since im still building my next playthrough, and can get messy testing things heheh. Hopefully ill be done moving and office setup to tinker again soon. Thanks for the insights Kou
  13. infiniteone

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    The HTD body is so sweet, and the new default bounce is on point! love it. Thanks for the excellent mod man!
  14. infiniteone

    Custom player character only textures?

    Maybe if I just avoid color changes it wont matter? Let the color tint set on the character determine overall color, but I can have all the texture variations based on that races default, would simplify things for SOS/SAM though still it would be preferred to have a full texture set per style if possible. Im in the middle of moving across town but hopefully I can try this out soon, seems doable either with skyproc & everybody's different or that new z-edit and a custom setup patch without mcm extras.