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  1. Oh that sounds interesting, ive not seen that, is it for Skyrim proper or Oldrim? Edit: Nevermind I found it, its from old skyrim, and not been updated for a few years, it does read nicely though.
  2. Ahh, thats sounding quite amazing! ❤️
  3. Amazing, man you're so talented its impressive! Do you think ill I be able to use it? I have to tinker extra with things because I dont use sam-light I use sos-full with sam full meshes & stuff, maybe that wont also be possible with this mod?
  4. I can hardly wait until winter when I have a bunch of time to dig back in, its so much fun modding skyrim. In about a year or so we will get the newest Elderscrolls, it will be interesting to see how they've enhanced the engine, the only tidbit ive found so far is the mega LOD upgrade, which even shows distant weather n such.
  5. Wow Im loving that one with the white feathers!! Did you make that?
  6. Yep I can confirm this totally, when I disabled that auto idlein ECE the follower was normal again, thanks so much for sharing that with us. 😍
  7. OOOOOh thats updating the Kryon armor I love that one, looks great man.
  8. This is so much fun, so far ive not photoshoped any yet either witch adds a whole other layer of fun for me, I will do on some later shots once my playthrough starts.
  9. Yes! Thanks man, I am using EFF too, I will test this now but it sound as though you know exactly what im talking about lmao, I literally want to reach in the screen and strangle him sometimes, or just send him home, but im just testing a new playthrough now and my champ is not tough enough and needs a follower to do all the work. 🤣
  10. Ive been building this playthru for months lol, also building my new office/workspace in the mountaintop (real world) so ive been distracted a ton lately. I think once everythings set I will work on a custom skin for the player and perhaps a patcher in zedit to diversify all NPC and give character unique skin too. Here's some screens I just snapped during testing. Its SAM mesh in SOS-Full SSE, with a custom skin from here in the forums.
  11. There must be something because not all followers seem to do it as badly, but... the follower im using right now is bumping and pushing me all over the damn place every few second he bumps, has thrown me off cliffs, and such lol... if I get up to do something and leave the game run, he could push me across several game cells, and probably the whole map if there werent obstructions... lol HAAALP! Is there a particular option in the NPC that makes this go from bad to worse?
  12. To the other comments, yes it seems Vector is not at all interested in modding Skyrim, as I read on his twitter ...however, he's got this sweet website and a bunch of interest, so maybe he will let us do more so long as its only published here? Would be nice to put up a SAM in a spicy SOS build. lol With Kou's racemenu morphs it does away with a lot of the need in the SAM mcm, and SOS already has a great MCM, .dll and all, just nowhere near as amazing mesh as SAM, but thats easily sidestepped by swapping in SAM mesh/textures. As for LE, how can you even bare it???? its so old and abandoned lol, runs like hell on any system newer than Windows 7.
  13. I was just reading on the Racemenu SSE mod page that BodyGen randomize is indeed in the release! Great to see you've made some progress with that already, sweet!
  14. zEdit and universal patchers are the way for SSE, (& likely ES6) if SAM were to have an SSE release I think it should be based on this, not sure how body morphs would play into that, or how to connect a GUI but it should all be possible, and with less/easier code too. I plan to use it in simple terms without a GUI, just create a universal patcher with SAM and some other body types to distribute uniqueness through the population whilst having unique set for the player character too. In the current offerings what I do is run all SAM mesh/textures inside the SOS full release for SSE, works perfectly, though the GUI is less featured than SAM of course.