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  1. racial morhps change the whole body system,so the SAM body would be restricted to certain races,and the hands/feet models and texture would be incompatible/improperly assigned. If I may,you'll want to double check you don't have duplicate/useless esps,because from a small gloance as I was searching for body mods it appears to me there's some stuff that should be removed,like the enb extra stuff and realistic water 2. Also,you're welcome
  2. try deactivating the racial morphs - both standard and extreme
  3. I haven't tried the many custom npcs mods you're using,but as Don posted earlier,you need to verify if the problem happens when you're naked or when you're equipping something. Other than that,did you install SAM high poly?
  4. Thats a new one for sure. Did you install both SAM and SAMlight?
  5. yup I tested the sliders on a backup copy I made before deleting parts I'm gonna try this asap and let you know :)
  6. I do the conform step,but when lots of body is missing (as for armors that only show the neck and arms) when I use the 1 to 0 slider the armor doesn't follow the body
  7. so the sequence would be : everything until 5E2 deletion of hidden body parts conform meshes save nif _1,slider to nif _0 export tri is this correct?
  8. sometimes when I delet the masked parts of sambody,using the slider to go from _1 to _0 won't morf the armor/clothing,and the SAM sliders won't morf the equipment either
  9. would you please take a look?what should I fix in the partitions? Thank you for all the help you're giving me socks.rar
  10. that's where my mystake was! thanks for the pointer. There's still an issue with priority,I think : now both boots and socks are equipped together,but socks visually overwrite the boots.Do you think I should adjust the priority? I set it to 2,maybe it needs to be an higher number to be overwritten by boots?
  11. I mean unequipped. I made the suggested corrections in the .esp but when I use either boots or socks they unequip each other as if they were different footwear
  12. I've lowered priority to 2 and set them to slot 37 in both nif and esp,but when I equip the socks the boots are removed -.-' any ideas?
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