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  1. My followers got so exciting with Don new outfit, thanks buddy, keep up the good work.😀
  2. Finally I arrived at Nuka Cola and friendly Cito was to exotic to miss, so i took some pictures. Enjoy.
  3. I'm very sad that two of my friends from https://vectorplexus.com/ The Bottomhood of Steel and Ulfberth are fighting like this. I get the impression that someone is behind everything, as if there was a homophobic conspirator putting friends and authors against each other, I understand The Bottomhood of Steel that you worked very hard to make your Bt project what it is today , and nobody is going to deny that. We admire you and we are very grateful for your work, see the number of people who enjoy your content, we are many, and I understand that you as an author you determine the rules. on the other hand we have Ulfberth who was the one who worked the most in the refit project, making it easier for BT to gain popularity among those who only knew SHB and EVB. In the end we see that we have two people who work very hard for this BT project , and because none of you have a salary I imagine you dId it because you enjoy it and it is fun to have a different content for us men. But all this that is happening now is no longer fun, you were friends and now you are no longer friends. Now The Bottomhood of Steel I ask you, losing a friend is more important than following the rules?. Intentionally nobody acted badly. One of your rules was all content BT related has to be place on NEXUS. The Bottomhood of Steel do you know that NEXUS is not exclusively for us? and you also know that Ulfberth had to receive many insults from ass holes every time a content was placed on Nexus. Who likes to be insulted or made to feel bad about something that is supposed to be for fun. And on top of that nobody is getting pay. Do not get me wrong, I use NEXUS, but putting something exclusive to my taste is something very different. I respect that you do that The Bottomhood of Steel, but we are not all going to like it in any way be discriminated against or humiliated, I do not think so, that is no longer fun. I personally believe that this was not a good rule or impossible to follow. I also know that Ulfberth had content in his club but impossible to share with NEXUS, because some authors abandon their projects and it is impossible to collect permission to publish. Well as a result of any product that is popular but has some limitations with rules, a new product will eventually come out to avoid that, or improve something and that is why Atomic Muscle is happening.The Bottomhood of Steel be cool, firstable Ulfberth just started a project, it will take more work and time to determine if it is a good project and you should feel flattered that Ulfberth is following your steps, let's not forget that Fallout is just a game, and this projects that you guys have achieved with so much effort are for our community to have fun, let's not forget that this is the main reason. PEACE.
  4. This is my character Preston always ready for battle.?
  5. Thank you so much Ulfberth for taking the time to work in my request and SavrenX.(PART 2)
  6. Thank you so much Ulfberth for taking the time to work in my request and SavrenX.
  7. H Ulfberth btw thanks for your hard work and for sharing all this information. I recently installed the new BT v 2.6 version mainly because the CBP Physics integration. It is working fine but the body parts are not as jiggly and bouncy as i thought i know that using https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39308?tab=posts can help to make changes bu when I tried i just make my body parts look wierd. if is any way you can guide me give me some hints i will be very happy. Thanks?
  8. I almost forgot to thanks Mr Ulfberth and Mr The Bottomhood of Steel for helping me. Thanks to those tips i was able to find a decent face texture that is close to my costume skin( hairy and Oily) Here is some naughty pics to show this new skin.?
  9. I almost forgot to thanks Mr Ulfberth and Mr The Bottomhood of Steel for helping me. Thanks to those tips i was able to find a decent face texture that is close to my costume skin( hairy and Oily) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20172?tab=files face only. And one last thing is it possible to make dirty bodies CLEAN?. Sturge's and raiders bodies are dirty and i assume that is the reason my custom skin is not working on them. If any of you guys know how to fix that please let me know. I want every male body be hairy and oily that will make me very happy. Thanks Here is some naughty pics to show this new skin.
  10. Thank you very much Ulfberth for taking the time to convert this armor, love your work. I can't wait for you next project.
  11. Hi Ulfberth Thank you so much for this detail tutorial,I can not thank you enough. I am still very new to the mod world and even to fall out 4 but thanks to people like you i have learnt a lot anyways i have good news and bad news about the texture mod that i create after i follow your steps.btw I have always have problems with the oily texture before like i mention earlier my NPC MALES FACE TURN BLACK.Now after I create this mod combining the 3 mod that i have chosen MOD1 ((D)(4k Hairy Men for Victoriam) Line) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37490 , MOD 2 (S) (M-skin for EVB (male body and face texture) OILY https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18466?tab=files, MOD 3 (N)(Victoriam line - Male body's alternative textures) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35008.I follow every single step in your tutorial very carefully. and the good news is that my NPC MALES look great NO MORE BLACK FACES but my character and my male followers NOW HAVE WHITE FACES.ha ha ha lol this is so funny. Than i assume that maybe only selected textures can be combine so I use your formula for your specific texture( Fat Man Expanded - A skin set for the big guys (BT2,M-skin for EVB (male body and face texture (SWEAT) AND Softer Bodies,) but i having the same problem. I feel like i am very close to solve this mystery but I don't wanna mess up my entire game i wan you please the take a look to my map and this pictures and tell me what do you think and if is any way to solve it. Thank you so much
  12. Thanks Ulfberth for this converted armor. I can not wait for your next BTv2 project..
  13. Hi Ulfberth I will like to try your skin texture combination but i don't know what you mean when you said:"you need to combine all the said files in a single mod" do you need a tool to do that? because if the files have the same name is going to always give the option to overwrite. I was making this character to dress hem with your convert cloths (The Hour of The Reaper) and after you share textures i believe that will look more realistic with you texture. I like the idea of hairy and oily at the same time. and your giving me that. I use https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18466?tab=files ( OILY) this skin texture is great but it is very buggy because it works great with your character but it make other male npc looks with black face. Another thing is that it needs is PUBIC HAIR. But it seems like the creator does not care about this mod any more, I didn't see any update of this mods for along time. Any ways if is possible to combine oily skin with some hairy textures will be great. I can't wait to see my characters with oily skin and hairy chest or oily skin and and pubic hair. And even great if the black face bug can be fix for other males npcs.
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