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  1. Visiting Solstheim! All credits and Thanks to Kirax , HarryDoppler and kreiste for their mod and refits.
  3. HI mikaakim, nice pictures. I noticed that some of your companions are wearing harness and jockstraps,whe do you got that armor, is there any link?,will be nice if you can share the information. Thank you.
    Thank you kreiste for this great mod, also all credits to kreiste for the skimpy armor and clothing.
  4. Hi Don nice pics. What kind unique race or texture do you use for your guy in red? The head is smaller and also the neck is slimer, I like that, and of course the complexion of his face are more delicate like a younger boy. Is that even Sam head? or Sam texture? I just started to play SSE again and my character still looks like a potato to embarrassed to share any pictures yet.
  5. Hello Darnexx, very soon,after 5 long years I decided to try Skyrim Special Edition, and it's been a rollercoaster trying to find the right ENB and mods that makes my game looks like Don, i'm a big fan of him and his work. and when everything looks decent enough, I will take some pictures, and than finally I will be back to Fallout . Thank you so much for for that tip, I always wonder how to use that Spoiler tags and now I finally know. Here are some old pictures that i never share in public. Take care
  6. Hi guys, is there any plan to make this mod publick?, it looks very cute. My guys needs those 😭pleaseeeee....... Hi chromsome cute model, any ways if this mods cames with bodyslide make sure you follow this step to prevent gaps in your wrist. Thanks to air and his wonderful tutorial, I learned to prevent that.
  7. My followers got so exciting with Don new outfit, thanks buddy, keep up the good work.😀
  8. Finally I arrived at Nuka Cola and friendly Cito was to exotic to miss, so i took some pictures. Enjoy.
  9. I'm very sad that two of my friends from https://vectorplexus.com/ The Bottomhood of Steel and Ulfberth are fighting like this. I get the impression that someone is behind everything, as if there was a homophobic conspirator putting friends and authors against each other, I understand The Bottomhood of Steel that you worked very hard to make your Bt project what it is today , and nobody is going to deny that. We admire you and we are very grateful for your work, see the number of people who enjoy your content, we are many, and I understand that you as an author you determine the rules. on the other hand we have Ulfberth who was the one who worked the most in the refit project, making it easier for BT to gain popularity among those who only knew SHB and EVB. In the end we see that we have two people who work very hard for this BT project , and because none of you have a salary I imagine you dId it because you enjoy it and it is fun to have a different content for us men. But all this that is happening now is no longer fun, you were friends and now you are no longer friends. Now The Bottomhood of Steel I ask you, losing a friend is more important than following the rules?. Intentionally nobody acted badly. One of your rules was all content BT related has to be place on NEXUS. The Bottomhood of Steel do you know that NEXUS is not exclusively for us? and you also know that Ulfberth had to receive many insults from ass holes every time a content was placed on Nexus. Who likes to be insulted or made to feel bad about something that is supposed to be for fun. And on top of that nobody is getting pay. Do not get me wrong, I use NEXUS, but putting something exclusive to my taste is something very different. I respect that you do that The Bottomhood of Steel, but we are not all going to like it in any way be discriminated against or humiliated, I do not think so, that is no longer fun. I personally believe that this was not a good rule or impossible to follow. I also know that Ulfberth had content in his club but impossible to share with NEXUS, because some authors abandon their projects and it is impossible to collect permission to publish. Well as a result of any product that is popular but has some limitations with rules, a new product will eventually come out to avoid that, or improve something and that is why Atomic Muscle is happening.The Bottomhood of Steel be cool, firstable Ulfberth just started a project, it will take more work and time to determine if it is a good project and you should feel flattered that Ulfberth is following your steps, let's not forget that Fallout is just a game, and this projects that you guys have achieved with so much effort are for our community to have fun, let's not forget that this is the main reason. PEACE.
  10. This is my character Preston always ready for battle.?
  11. Thank you so much Ulfberth for taking the time to work in my request and SavrenX.(PART 2)
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