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  1. oh boy, yes this was the issue how embarrassing I didn't know it was necessary to add a file to mod FO4. Thank you so much for your help and i'm sorry for waste your time with my stupid
  2. such a mystery I only install the contents of f4se data folder with MO. the rest in root folder. same way as with skyrim.
  3. it seems to be in correct place. i'm using old versions of armor and weapon keywords and armorsmith because I do not have all dlc. could it be the problem?
  4. Yes, I've checked and the meshes all look properly fitted to the preset I made
  5. I just can't seem to get it to work =/ I followed all the instructions and built the body and the armors, but the body is just vanilla in-game and the armors are invisible. the meshes are all sitting there in my MO folder.. is there any idea what I did wrong?