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  1. @Nullys On the Review section, could I ask how you got those ab/body textures for SAM? They're amazing. I assume it may be the skysight thing, but I gave it a try myself and didn't get the same result.
    What body texture is used for that 4th picture? Is it the SAM Light Add-On? Also, can you make that face available for Oldrim LE?
    When I downloaded this alongside SAM Light, I didn't get the same body textures as shown in the above pictures. I got the SAM morphs, slider options in racemenu, etc. But the "Texture" slider just gives my character a purple, neon torso. The same goes for the hands. Is it supposed to do that? Until I can get that fixed, I'm using the SAM Light Texture Add-on for now. But does anyone know how to fix that?
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