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  1. I install the mod and notice I cannot equip it. After playing around with so many save files, I notice that Devious Device is preventing me from equiping it. Uninstall it because I don't use it and able to equip it. Edit - I notice when playing Orc race is kinda odd on all 10 beard. The mustache is either inside the mouth or inside the head lmao. Please see attached Is there a way to fix this?
  2. something like 250. Back in LE with SAM MCM, I put in 100. In SAM morph, I put in 150. With two together I got what I need. For Special Edition, it's hard where to start. Hope this helps Also what tweaks did you do in SE?
  3. I want to convert from Legacy to Special Edition and want to test something. I like to make my male character big, but I don't think Samson 150 is enough for me. Is there a way to make Samson morph to 250 or another mode like setpqv in LE? If not, that is okay. Edit--
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