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  1. Aww, that was the most wholesome thing I had seen here!
  2. Think you could try the Resplendent Armor maybe? Just asking.
  3. Hmm... maybe you could do a Paladin-Wizard-Dragoon hybrid? I mean seeing the tie between the three. LOL
  4. FenrirVII

    Very sexy, especially with his pose, the lighting and... ooh, those muscles.
  5. Beautiful! Where did you find those textures? Or did you make them yourself?
  6. I didn't think to find this version of another badass armor set! Amazing! Think there might be some other versions? Like one with pants or shorts, or maybe another with his manhood exposed? Or maybe a shirtless version?
    I think I need a pinch to wake me up! Thank you very much for this mod! It fixed the nipple textures on my wolf boy!
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