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  1. I would be lying if I said otherwise! Good work by the way! Two months is a long time, and it will all be worth it I am sure!
  2. Wow! It's quite a task to refit all those outfits for all those heroic (and villainous and morally ambiguous) hunks out there! Don't get stressed, alright?
  3. We are born of the hunk Made men by the hunk Undone by the hunk Fear the Old Hunks ... Oh boy! I hope to use those armor sets in Glenmoril!
  4. Think you could try the Resplendent Armor maybe? Just asking.
  5. Hmm... maybe you could do a Paladin-Wizard-Dragoon hybrid? I mean seeing the tie between the three. LOL
  6. FenrirVII

    Very sexy, especially with his pose, the lighting and... ooh, those muscles.
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