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  1. Haha! I found a villain) this line spoiled everything (hid under in plain sight) (if it bothers anyone, I can delete my questions (but suddenly it will help newbies with similar problems)
  2. Sorry for my English (machine translation), whatever I do in Outfit Studio - in the game, when I put on the boots that I alter - my character rises a little on the ground. I don’t know how to solve this (maybe the problem with the skeleton, for which the original boots are intended, I just don’t know how to look at its binding to the skeleton) or the problem is simpler, and I simply did not notice it (there is very little material on a similar topic in my language) (I attach my nif, but at the expense of the original - I don't know if I can post (no permission) (I make a change for myself) UPD^I forgot to add: when I just started the changes, there was a difference in the level between the shoes and the body of the SAM (I corrected, of course, but something hints to me that this is the root of evil) UPD2^in the first screenshot it is not visible, but it soars. whole body. Boots_1.nif
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