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  1. Btw does somebody use "Poser Hotkey Plus"? And what is the difference between "Poser hotkey plus" and "Poser hotkey " ?((
  2. Omg there are so many good poses mods... Looks like i have downloaded every mod that I have seen. Also , poser hotkey is better tool that these , I think. Mk poser downloaded too)
  3. Oh thx if I weren't ask here for poses I would probably never find this mod. I also found JexPose and Kinoko Pose . As I saw they also have some male/unisex poses.
  4. So I hope that I have already downloaded all mods i want and now looks like all I need it is poses mods. It will be really cool if you , guys , write here what poses mods you use.(poses with some objects, environment , some things? I have found only few) . By the way I use OSA framework and I find "Poser module for OSA" by Morra https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3086-poser-module-for-osa-skyrim-ascendancy-engine/ and "OSelector" https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/93196?tab=description . With these tools I thing it will be easier to choose poses in game and don't have full bag of poses rings or spells. Do somebody use this mods(or tools?)and does it work normally? Aslo i would like to hear some tips how to do beautiful screenshots etc. ^-^
  5. It changes the Body Textures. It'll look like the Screenshots. It's a FOMOD so you can pick what you want If I remember correctly. Oh , okay. Thanks for answers , I will try these textures.
  6. Also do you know what exactly change these textures ? It is not normal description or i am just blind...
  7. Oh , i forget to ask : What face textures are you using for your characters ? Body - is it just SAM? ENB ? Or If you have already answered for this questions somewhere , where can i find this answers ?
  8. Thanks, for answer . Probably I will try this face textures .
  9. He is pretty cute. What face textures are you using? And for body you are using only SAM, aren't you? I'm using fine face texture but I have neck seam and not smooth face(but I choosed this variant) . Of course, maybe I install this mod incorrectly )
  10. Does somebody have a standalone version?
  11. Yeah it is my fault, I just saw cool faces that as I think will be matching to my character before but that was only screenshots and now I can't even find them again . And I didn't think that it is that hard to create face like kiki's without using new race(
  12. Anyway thanks, I just show this mod as example and as I understand not good one. If I unable to customize it , I probably won't use this mod. I want just young boy/twink preset. More realistic I guess and not like a femboy(I mean not that much feminine face). =-(
  13. I am using "fine face textures for men" by urshi , is it ok? And sorry , I think I showed kinda wrong example . I want just young boy/twink preset. More realistic I guess and not like a femboy(I mean not that much feminine face).
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