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  1. Noxmarinus

    Upscaling Werewolves

    As an extreme amateur in scripting, my go-to is Notepad++ to tinker around with scripts when they are modifiable and not encrypted or otherwise completely illegible. In relation to this endeavor I'm also looking at NifSkope (a 3D mesh editor), which may or may not even be relevant, but is still a good learning experience as I contemplate whether that would be a good route, or if I just need to get an import plugin for .nif files in Blender, which I am already familiar with.
  2. Noxmarinus

    Upscaling Werewolves

    Lol, I know if VectorPlexus were to read this thread they'd be like "It's already double the size! How much bigger do you want it you insatiable dongfiend?!" I am learning a bit more about what goes into modding with looking for an answer to this though, which is nice. Thanks for the additional lead on the script!
  3. Noxmarinus

    Upscaling Werewolves

    That's a good lead! Thank you!
  4. Using SAM Regular with [Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials] and the [SAM Optional Moonlight Tales Essentials Patch], which gives me some really nice options on my werewolf's appearance. One thing I'm a bit nitpicky on though is that "Schlong options carry over from the Actor tab" automatically (meaning my character's schlong size as a werewolf is stuck at the same as it is when he's human). I know I'm being silly, but my character's werewolf form is bigger than his human form, so can't all parts of him be bigger? If it's not too big of a pain in the neck to accomplish, is there a way to set it through the scripts or otherwise so that my character's schlong automatically scales up when he becomes a werewolf? Thanks for any info as to how or why not! Regardless of this silly nitpick, these mods are awesome!
  5. Noxmarinus

    Geralt Wolf armor for SAM

    Excellent looking armor! I like that there's two different glove lengths to choose from and that the pants and belt are available as their own pieces. I wish that you could get the top as its own piece as well (at least I found myself unable to do so), but the pants in particular look so good that it's not really a deal breaker at all!
  6. Noxmarinus

    Daren armor for SAM

    One of the best armor sets available here! The cool-looking belt lines up with the vanilla sword placement (if anyone besides me still uses that), and there's quite a lot of nice detail that (I think) goes beyond texture. Personally, I like to combine some of the pieces here with other pieces from one of KouLeifoh 's other armor mods Geralt Wolf armor for Sam, particularly the pants from that set which have a nicer package and look better on the rear in my opinion. Regardless, this is an excellent set!
  7. Noxmarinus

    Vindictus K9 Retouched Skimpy

    On the off chance that you're still looking to find the shoulders to this, open console command with ~ and then type player.additem 1e003dd9 1 and hit enter to spawn it into your inventory. Don't know why it's not included in forge...