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  1. This is great mod, BUT almost every (short) hair clips through skull. And I tried a lot of hair mods (KS, Apachii, Hero...). How can we fix this clipping. I tried Racemenu sculpt, and only thing that helps is to deflate back of the head, but you have to do this so much, that head from behind looks almost flat and wierd.
  2. If you install this mod, vanilla armor gets wierd and some of vanilla armor parts gets missing. So...
  3. Can you make him as follower - I mean not as replacer for Ebony arrior or replacer for housecarl.? That would be nice, becouse I never use housecarls as followers.
  4. Tho I love your armors, but PLEASE make them upgradable (available to temper). Becouse all your armors can't be tempered and I mean literally all.
  5. Great armor. But bracelets are invisible in first person. Can you make them to be visible in first person? I mean, with "invisible" like there are ony hands, not that they are missing, but is like bracelets aren't equipped.
  6. I have one very strange problem. I have downloaded v1.5. And when I install it with Vortex, I can't find this mod anywhere. After much research and looking in Vortex, This mod is not installed with original zip name: "High Poly Head" but with strange name "For Shadow I shall SIMP". It literally renames installed zip. Is this supposed to be like that or is this some kind of wierd stuff? I had some problem with NPCs head discoloration (head different color than body). So I decided to reinstall SAM including this mod. And when I tried to find High Poly Head, I couldn't find it anywhere. So I thought, maby I have uninstalled it already. Than I tried to download it and install it. But Vortex said, that mod is already installed. Wierd, it's installed but not on mod list, but plugins were there. I thought I am going blind, since I couldn't find it on mod list. So I went to riecently installed mod and found that last mod that I installed was called "For shadow I shall SIMP". But I never installed mod with this kind of name. So I found out, when this mod is installed, it renames installed mod zip.
  7. Just run it thru SSE Nif Optimizer (You can find it on Nexus). And than install it with your Mod Organizer tool. It works for me. Otherwise it won't work for SE.
  8. To better understand my problem, here is the picture. I was thinking that I can solve the problem by putting Body Specular to 1 so that chracter would have this shiny skin and save him with shiny skin. and than put Body specular to 0 so that shiny skin will be gone. But same thing as before. It is normal untill I change dress or armor. Than I'm back to shiny skin.
  9. Please, I need help. I have a problem with Skyrim SE (PC). I'm using SAM Light and poly conversion and also textures for Sam Light. Everything worked fine untill few days ago. My character's body turned from normal pink skin color (human), to metallic gold (like golden statue). Except feet and hands stayed normal. So I played around in Racemenu and noticed that when I raise Body Specular within SAM morph (or in Racemenu) and lower it back, body turns normal pink skin. So if I set SAM bodymorph's Body specular from 1 to 2 (or 0 to 1 - can't remember lowest number) and than form 2 to 1 (or 1 to 0), body becomes normal. So after I save this, body stays normal untill I change dress or armor. After that (changing armor or dress) body gets that Metallic gold skin back. I tired everything, from reinstalling SAM (all things), to reinstalling other body mods (that I use for NPCS), Racemenu,.. Nothing helps. And this problem started few days ago. What else can I try to fix this problem? If I can't fix it, I will have to uninstall SAM and go back to SOS.
  10. Today I installed this mod. It works fine. But I have one very annoying thing. Every time I fight with sword or just swing it, my character is yelling and I don't like it. How can I remove this yelling. I don't mind if he yells every now and then, but every time he swings a sword, it's too much.
  11. I have been using SOS for a long time. In LE I was using SAM for a while, but since for SE is full SAM not supported, I had no choice but to use SOS. Yesterday I decided to switch from SOS to SAM light. And I'm amazed, how ggod it looks (with high poly everything and high resolution skin). I think now I will stay with SAM light. Since Full version supports body morphing with MCM menu, I miss that. Is there any way you can change siz of penis on NPCs? I could change the one on my character with racemenu. But can't find how to change on NPCs. Becouse for my taste, they are a bit too small.
  12. I like this armor. But Is it only me or there is no visible gauntlets in first person? There are only bare hands without visible gauntlets.
  13. Great armor. Yes, as people say, underwear can't be enchanted. I think this will be my favourite armor for SAM from now on. Only ... I wish it would be in high resolution. And one tny problem, when I put on underwear, all tattoo's are gone - as long as I have equipped underwear. There is no tattoo problem with other armor pieces.
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