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    XSoldier Compatibility

    Update: I have fixed my problem!! Basically, by downloading the alternate mod manager, I found out that, because I subscribed to the mods "MCM Legacy" and "MCM WOTC", the game concidered them as duplicates and it couldn't run when only one of them was disable/activated. So what I did was to unsubscribe from all of my WOTC mods for now (I'm not playing the DLC yet anyway) and now it works! The only weird thing now, is that this problem only surfaced when I was playing with XSoldier activated...
  2. KingdomVelvet

    XSoldier Compatibility

    Hello, I have a new query for you guys. Curently, my game CTD at launch when I have both Xsoldier and the MCM mod enabled. My game crashes only when both of them are enabled at the same time. I can use the MCM mod fine, only when Xsoldier is disabled (and vice-versa). All of my other mods work fine with any of them. Since I believe I'm the first to report this problem, I don't know if it's really a compatibility issue or it has to do with my computer...