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  1. could you possibly make a guide with screenshots? im feeling ambitious and want to resize the skimpy thongs on a lot of my armors after converting them from SE to LE.
  2. So i redownloaded all my skyrim LE content on a new laptop with more power, but im still experiencing soooo many issues, if anyone could help me figure out the correct load orders or mods i need thatd be AMAZING. im using SAM LE with the high poly conversions, the hdt bbb bounce, and the most recent floppySOS which ive heard some dispute over its usefulness with sam. also trying to get "soul gem oven" or "fill her up" to work at the same time. im trying to make all the SE versions of the skimpy armor have growing packages, and converting them to LE using the NIF. also trying to make my own dremora follower. if anyone can help with a correct load order and/or tutorials, thatd be super helpful. i realize LE isnt the norm but i can work to convert stuff if needed.
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